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Center for Professional Practice of Nursing

Center for Professional Practice of Nursing

Nurse Residency Program

UC Davis Medical Center and the Center for the Professional Practice of Nursing are pleased to announce the beginning of a post-baccalaureate new graduate nurse residency program. The program is a series of learning and working experiences that assist the new graduate to transition from school to professional practice.

This formal, structured post-baccalaureate new graduate program is part of the University Health System Consortium (UHC)/American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Nurse Residency Program™.

Through a series of learning and working experiences, the Nurse Residency Program will prepare new graduates in the successful transition from student to confident professional in their chosen career path of nursing.

Nurse Residency Program

Frequently Asked Questions about the Nurse Residency Program

About the Nurse Residency Program

Evidence-Based Practice Projects

Purpose: The nurse must have current knowledge of best patient care practices and must be able to use evidence from multiple sources, including nursing research. The purpose is to assist the resident to apply the concepts of evidence based practice to the clinical setting and identify its importance in the delivery of safe, quality patient care

Process: Residents are placed in groups according to practice areas. The groups collaborate with their respected Unit-Based Practice Council on a project. A phase of a project is determined for the group of nurse residents to accomplish. The phases include and are not limited to: a literature search conducted to identify best practices; the implementation of a solution/change of current practice; or an evaluation of an implemented change.

Final Product: A PowerPoint is made and presented at the end of program celebration (graduation). Each project is submitted to UHC for possible selection for a poster or podium presentation at the UHC/AACN Nurse Residency Program TM Annual meeting held in March of every year.

Cohort 1 Evidence-Based Practice Projects:

Cohort 2 Evidence-Based Practice Projects:

Cohort 3 Evidence-Based Practice Projects:

Cohort 4 Evidence-Based Practice Projects:

Cohort 5 Evidence-Based Practice Projects:

Cohort 6 Evidence-Based Practice Projects:

Cohort 7 Evidence-Based Practice Projects: