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Center for Nursing Research

Center for Nursing Research

Evidence Based Practice

Evidence-based practice (EBP) has emerged as a major policy theme in health care and in particular nursing. Evidence-based practice is a synthesis of evidence drawn from research, multiple forms of clinical expertise, expert consensus, and patient preference to guide clinical practice and decision-making. UC Davis Medical Center nurses, working in multidisciplinary teams under the mentorship of CNR staff and/or the Research Council, identify the best evidence and take into consideration the context in which the evidence is to be implemented. A strategy is developed to implement the desired changes in practice and a comprehensive education plan is created for the targeted areas. An important part of evidence-based practice is to feed evaluative data back into the cycle of change.

A needs assessment of the nursing staff was conducted by the CNR staff in 2002 on perceived barriers to research utilization. UC Davis Medical Center nurses felt time and knowledge were the most significant barriers. .  B. Rickabaugh attended an intensive three-day workshop at the University of Iowa on the promotion of EBP in September 2003 (M. Tilter's EBP model). The course prepared the attendees to establish and maintain an EBP program at their respective institutions. Since the implementation of Professional Governance, Unit Based Practice Councils have been using the IOWA Model and the performance improvement model of DMAIC to evaluate, improve and change the practice of nursing.  The educational needs have been addressed and maintained through formal education and mentoring.  Unit Based Practice Council members receive paid time to work on EBP projects through their councils.  Courses to support Evidence Based Practice are offered through CPPN quarterly and taught by B. Rickabaugh and mentoring is provided through the Research Council and by the Center for Nursing Research staff.

If you would like to join an evidenced based committee and have input into the policies and procedures used on you unit, please contact the Unit Based Practice Council chair of the area in which you practice.