Nominate your Outstanding CRC for the CTCS Award

The Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC) is pleased to announce the CRC3.0 Leadership and Professionalism Conference followed by 5th annual UCD Clinical Research Coordinators Award Ceremony 


Three outstanding research coordinators will be recognized and presented with a gift card, certificate of award, and commemorative plaque.

Nominate your best coordinators via this secure link.

Clinical Research Coordinator Mentoring Program

The CTSC CRC Mentoring Program is a one-on-one mentoring program for UCD Clinical Research Coordinators and other research staff in a CRC functional role (provided by request from a home Department/ORU). Priority is given to those participating in FDA-regulated clinical trials with drugs, devices or dietary supplements. The program is provided for a maximum of 10 hours of face-to-face training with a CTSC mentor. Department funding is required for the trainee to enter the program. Flat fee of $1000 is charged at the entry into the Program.

Mentoring Program Goals:

  • Expand knowledge of resources for clinical trials education and training
  • Provide individual personalized mentoring based on the mentee’s level of skills, knowledge and experience.

Mentee’s Goals:

  • Assess current level of skills and knowledge
  • Receive personalized education and training plan
  • Receive hands-on training for selected areas of core expertise
    Increase comfort level in job responsibilities

 Mentoring steps

  1. Intake : read CTSC Clinical Trials SOP#3 (internet) and take go over Competency Assessment Checklist (included in the SOP)
  2. Introductory meeting: review knowledge gaps and design personalized training plan
  3. On site evaluation and assessment:  informed consent process and documentation, Blood draws, Regulatory Binders, Invision/EMR, Preparation of Regulatory Documents.
  4. Review: the mentoring program is considered complete when the identified knowledge/performance gaps are closed. The Coordinator Competencies Checklist will be used to evaluate completion of assigned training or tasks. Each section of the checklist will be dated and initialed by both the mentor and the mentee after completion.

 Contact: Virina De Jesus, Sr. Research Coordinator, CRC Mentoring Program Lead, CTSC Clinical Trials Group (