December 3, 2015. @ CHT Building, First Floor Conference Rooms

8:30-8:45 Overview of CTSC resources

          Kate Marusina, Ph.D., MBA, Manager, Clinical Trials Resource Group

8:45-10:15 IRB documentation and reporting

            Miles McFann, IRB Outreach What is research - overview of research process

10:30-11:15  Lab Safety

  • Applying safe work practices including personal protective equipment.
  • Disposal of sharps, biological and medical waste.
  • Procedures for spills of hazardous waste/materials, biological spills clean up & decontamination.
  • Dry ice handling and shipping of blood tubes and tissues

               Shawn Rasmussen, UCDHS Safety Officer

11:30-12 noon   EKG and Blood Pressure (theory, handouts)

                 Nurse Practitioner, CTSC Clinical Research Center

12noon- 2 pm Attend hands-on stations (EKG, Blood Pressure, Clinical Lab) @ CHT, first floor

2pm- 3pm Essential Documents and Source Documents (examples posted on "Helpful Tools" website)

                Lisa Wilson, IRB Lead, Clinical Trials Resource Group

3pm-4pm HIPAA, Patient Privacy and Quick Disclosure

              Sharalyn Reed, Deputy Compliance Officer

4pm-5pm EMR Research Functionality Demo and best practices

              Katrina Imson, Sr. CRC, Clinical Trials Resource Group



Register  for all training opportunities or attend ones you need the most.

Choose hands-on stations you want to attend. Due to high demand for the EKG station, attendees will be divided into groups on the day of the event