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Clinical Trials Resource Group

Clinical Trials Resource Group

   2012 Calendar of Events (CEUs provided for each event)


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January 19
SoCRA Brown Bag

Jules Mitchel, President, Target Health:
Using Electronic Data Capture in clinical research
(Live webinar). 12-1pm@ CTSC1444                      


February 10
CTSC Workshop
Samuel Morley, Manager, Health Informatics,CTSC:
RedCap; 1-3pm@ CTSC1444

February 16
SoCRA Brown Bag
Rose Hallarn, Ohio State University:
Strategies for Recruitment/Retention in ClinTrials
(Live webinar). 12-1pm@ CTSC1444

February 22
DVD Webinar Presentation

Use of Notes to File. (Cost $40);12-2pm@ CTSC1444

February 24
CTSC Workshop
Kate Marusina, Ph.D., Manager, Clinical Trials, CTSC:
How to file IND and IDE;1-3pm@ CTSC1444

February 29
Informed Consent Boot Camp


March 9
DVD Webinar Presentation
Protocol Deviations and Violations
(Cost $40);1-3pm@ CTSC1444

SoCRA Brown Bag
Sabi Singh, Assoc. Hospital Director, University of Iowa:
Clinical Trial Process Improvement
(Live webinar). 12-1pm@ CTSC1444

March 20,23,27
Navigating Clinical Trials at UC Davis
To access Navigation Course presentations please go to Archives

March 20
Module I: IRB/Regulatory/

March 23
Module II:Coverage Analysis

March 27
Module III:Investigational Drug Accountability                   


April 3 
Module IV: Budgets and Contracts for Industry Studies 

April 13th
Module V: Billing/Invision/EMR

April 19
SoCRA Brown Bag
Dr. James Marcin, UC Davis
Using Telemedicine  in Clinical Research”.
12-1pm@ CTSC1444 

April 26
Ice Cream Social Event for clinical research staff
3:30 pm @CTSC1444
Anyone who supports clinical research, including nurses, junior specialists, analysts, assistants and clinical research coordinators are welcome to attend (See Agenda and register at


May 4
CTSC Workshop
Denise Owensby, Sr. CRC, CTSC:  1-3pm@ CTSC1444

May 17th
SoCRA Brown Bag
R. Bert Wilkins, JD, MHA, CIP and Sherry Felchlin, Western Institutional Review Board:
"General Trends: Local Review vs. Central Review, WIRB and Independent IRB"
(Live Webinar); 12-1pm@ CTSC1444.

May 22
DVD Webinar Presentation
Source Documentation. 
(Cost $40); 1-3pm@ CTSC1444

June 8
CTSC Workshop
Mark Robinson, Associate Clinical Professor, UC Davis School of Medicine:
"End of Life Questions and Situations for Clinical Research Staff."
12noon-1pm@CTSC 1444

June 15 and June 22
Introduction to Clinical Research for new investigators and staff
For UC Davis employees only, limited to 50 participants. Fee:$100, payable through DaFIS recharge, includes breakfast and lunch both days and educational materials.
9am-3 pm@CTSC.
Access content in Archives 

June 21
SoCRA Brown Bag
Suzan Bruce, Coder, Clinical Trials (CTSC) and Dan Redline (SoCRA):
"Billing Medicare for Investigational Devices"
12 noon-1pm @CTSC 1444

July 20
SoCRA Certification Exam
1-5 pm@CTSC 1444
Register through SoCRA:   Deadline to Register is June 8, 2012

Training and Education program resumes in September

September 5
Dangerous Goods Shipping
8:15-11:45@Cancer Ctr Auditorium Register at

September 14
CTSC Workshop
"End of Life Questions and Situations for Clinical Research Staff, part 2"
Mark Robinson, Associate Clinical Professor, UC Davis School of Medicine
12:30 pm -2 pm, CTSC, rm 1444

September 20
SoCRA Brown Bag
"Clinical Research Billing Compliance: What you need to know?"
Kelly Willenberg, MBA, BSN, CHRC, CHC, Synergism. LLC
12 - 1pm, CTSC, rm 1444.

September 25
CRC Basic 2.0 (limited to 12 attendants)

Introduction to GCP
Lynn Smith, Consultant, Huron Consulting Group, IL
2 - 5 pm, Education Bldg. 3229

October 10
Informed Consent Bootcamp
Kate Marusina, PhD, MBA, Manager Clinical Trials; Denise Owensby, CCRP, Supervisor, CTSC; Miles McFann, Analyst, IRB Administration
Registration required
8:00 - 11:00 am @CTSC, rm 1444

October 12
Managing Data Privacy for Clinical Research
Teresa Porter, Chief Compliance Officer and Brandi Periera, Privacy Officer
12-1 @CTSC, rm 1444
Live Webinar link

October 18
SoCRA Brown Bag

Research Subject Registry: A Critical Tool for Successful Recruitment
Sebrena Mervin-Blake, MSCR, CCRC, Assistant Director, Recruitment and Special Projects at the Duke Clinical Research Unit, Duke University.
12:00 - 1:00 pm @CTSC, rm 1444
Live Webinar link

October 24
Clinical Trials Workshop: Develop Centralized Monitoring Support Services for Sponsor-Investigators in Academic Medicine.” Presented by ACRP (sponsored by CTSC) 9am-11am @EdBld rm 2205

October 26
CRC Basic 2.0 (Registration required)

Study Management 
Martha Robinson, Clinical Research Supervisor, Neurosurgery
Caren Galloway, Sr. CRC, Neurosurgery
2:00 - 5:00 pm @Education Bldg. 2208 


November 8
Clinical Trials Workshop: Navigating Reporting Requirements on What do you need to know! Presented by Thompson Interactive. Sponsored by CTSC
10-11:30am @ Education Bldg. rm 2205
Live Webinar link

November 9
SoCRA Certification Exam
Hosted by UC Davis CTSC
Registration deadline 09/28/12
1 – 5 pm, CTSC, rm 1444

November 15
SoCRA Brown Bag
Changing Role of Clinical Contract Research Organizations
12 - 1pm, CTSC, rm 1444

November 30
CRC Basic 2.0 (Registration required)
Medicare Coverage Analysis
Instructor: Susan Bruce, CPC, CTSC
2:00 - 5:00 pm, Education Bldg. 2208

Training Program will resume in January 2013

December 6
Dangerous Goods Shipping
1:00-4:00 PM
At the California National Primate Research Center, Davis
Enroll on-line: UCD Kerberos Lgin/passphrase required. Search "Dangerous Goods" to find the class to enroll online.