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Clinical Trials Resource Group

Clinical Trials Resource Group


Friday April 10, 2015, 2-5 pm
CRC 2.0

Investigational Drug Management

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Presented by Joyce Lee, PharmD

Questions? Contact Lisa A Wilson

March 19,2015 Clinical Trials Brown Bag

Topic: PRE CELL: An Observational Lead in Study for a Planned Cell Therapy Trial in Early Huntington's Disease.

Teresa Tempkin RNC, MSN, ANP will discuss the of the cell/gene therapy development process and the use of the UC Davis Institute for Regenerative Cures by the UC Davis Huntington’s Disease Center of Excellence.

Attend webinar in person:@ Education Building, Room (#2205) Or dial in: 866-740-1260 AND log in into, Access code for both: 7039177

1.0 CTSC Continuing Ed Credit


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It's Not Just You: FDA Regulatory Requirements Really Are Increasing

According to data made available by George Mason University's Mercatus Center and analyzed by Regulatory Focus, the number of regulatory requirements imposed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) increased by 15% between the years 2000 and 2012.
While regulatory professionals working with FDA needed to know just 16,329 requirements in 2000, they needed to know 18,777 in 2012, according to the data. October 30, 2014

How To Build Real Patient-Centered Pharmaceutical Companies

With such a focus these days on buzzwords such as "patient-centric," "patient-centered," and "patient-centricity," some people are predicting “patient engagement” to be the next big movement in our industry, much as blockbuster drugs were a decade or more ago. But while improving patient engagement sounds fairly straightforward for those who directly interact with patients (e.g., doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians assistants), for the biopharmaceutical industry, successfully executing this concept has been — and continues to be — much more challenging.

October 30, 2014






September 1, 2014

2014 UC Davis Clinical Research Guidebook  is now available in a printed format or online.

The Guidebook follows Clinical Research Process Maps and provides step-by-step assistance in an easy-to-follow, at-a-glance format.

This resource is highly recommended for all members of the research team.


Next workgroup meeting - December 4, 2014

New Research Billing Workgroup follows LEAN methodology to improve the Bidge-EMR process

In April 2014, the Health System launched EMR research Functionality that supplanted previous processes (Invision, Bulk Acct Application Form). While the new process provides an opportunity for just-in-time patient tracking and validated procedure billing, the new process increased labor costs due to substantial manual input and rework. Charges are being incorrectly posted to patient and study accounts potentially leading to double billing and/or rejected claims.

Objectives/ Goals: To review the entire process flow and identify areas for reducing manual effort, rework and duplications. Reduce time spent on maintaining the process while maintaining quality and improving billing compliance. Reduce errors in charge posting and claim generation.

September 2014
Explore the new interactive UC Davis Clinical Research Process Maps. The maps designed to take you though the entire process in an easy-to-use intuitive way.



CT  Newsletter

Volume 20, October 2014

  • Receive Bulk Account Statements on Report2Web
  • Updated Cost Query tool 
  • Compounding Investigational Drugs at the IDS Pharmacy
  • New Research Compliance Website 
  • Evaluate Medical Equipment with Clinical Engineering Department 

  Need Help?

Where to start?  Many resources available for you from Clinical Trials Resource Group:

1. Clinical Trial Process Maps. Colorful maps helping you to navigate complex administrative process for clinical trials.

2. Clinical Research Guidebook. Puts words behind process maps, provides information about regulatory requirements.

3. Supplemental Checklist to the Guidebook. Don't have time to read the Guidebook? Use this condensed version to get you from the beginning to the end step-by-step.

4. Clinical Trials SOPs  - an invaluable resource for best practices of conducting clinical trials at UCDMC.

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