Dominique Ritley, M.P.H.
Research Analyst
(916) 734-2681

Dominique Ritley joined CHPR as a health policy analyst in 2006. She works closely with principal investigators and clients to research, analyze, and translate health policy implications for state and federal governmental entities, foundations, and non-profit organizations. Her skills include policy analysis, systematic/literature reviews, qualitative research (i.e., focus groups, in-depth interviews, survey design, etc.), and writing reports and policy briefs. Her research interests include health care quality measurement, health insurance policy, health care access, pharmaceutical pricing, autism, and women’s health.

Dominique manages the UC Davis public health team for the California Health Benefits Review Program, which analyzes the medical effectiveness, cost, and public health impacts of health insurance legislation for the California State Legislature. She has co-authored the public health and medical effectiveness sections of more than 30 CHBRP reports on topics such as autism, HPV vaccine, hearing aids, and tobacco cessation. She also contributes to the California CABG Outcomes Reporting Program, which publicly reports hospital and surgeon outcomes for CABG surgery.

Dominique received her MPH in public health policy and administration from the University of Michigan School of Public Health.