UC Davis Children’s Hospital clinicians are engaged in numerous pediatric research studies and projects. Following are a couple of examples of the current projects underway.

Pre- and Probiotic Supplements Study

premature infantScientists at UC Davis have launched a groundbreaking study to determine the best cocktail of pre- and probiotic supplements to give to premature infants to prevent a deadly intestinal disease. Probiotics are live, beneficial microorganisms that confer health benefits, like the live bacteria in yogurt. Prebiotics are sugars that stimulate the growth of these bacteria. The study is a novel approach to the primary prevention of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), the third-leading cause of death among preemies. 


Hmong Behavioral Parenting Program Pilot

Asian mother and sonAnthony Urquiza, clinical associate professor of pediatrics and mental health director of the UC Davis CAARE Center, is working with others in the Departments of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, and the Center for Reducing Health Disparities to develop and pilot a Hmong version of an English-based behavioral parenting program that has been shown to be effective in strengthening the bond between parents and children, improving parenting skills and reducing child behavior problems.