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UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Membership Responsibilities

As part of the cancer research community, members and associate members have certain responsibilities, namely:
  • Regular attendance at meetings of the program(s) to which the member belongs
  • Attendance at the annual cancer research symposium
  • Annual submission of 1) a current statement of “Other Support” and 2) a current four-page NIH biosketch showing most recent publications
  • John Albeck © UC RegentsSubmission of information requested for the preparation of the competitive renewal of the Cancer Center Support Grant
  • Demonstrated commitment to collaborative activities with other members
  • Reasonable availability for research-related activities including reviewer assignments, occasional fundraising activities, participation in planning and evaluation, participation in center committees developed to enhance research
  • Tri-annual renewal of membership including updated four-page “modular” NIH biosketch including funding
  • Maintenance of Web profiles of Cancer Center members
  • A focus on translational research regardless of perspective (e.g., basic scientist, clinical researcher, etc.)
  • Availability for mentoring activities and training programs
  • Acknowledgement of center membership in publications and poster presentations; acknowledgement of CCSG support if shared resources are utilized in the conduct of the reported research
Other categories of membership are responsible for:
  • Maintaining accurate contact information
  • Notice of resignation from membership
  • Demonstrated interest in center mission and activities
  • Participation in targeted programs for that category of membership; for example, it is expected that doctoral members will regularly attend the Cancer Biology Seminar Series and that affiliate members, as is appropriate and feasible, will attend tumor boards, telemedical conferences, and the like