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UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Membership Reappointment

Anna Marie Tuazon and Luis Carvajal-Carmona© UC RegentsDuring the period of preparation for competitive renewal of National Cancer Institute designation, all members and associate members will have their membership status reviewed for reappointment. 

In addition to meeting the criteria above, reappointment review will also evaluate activities associated with membership objectives, above.  In particular, collaborative activities with members of the center’s scientific programs, attendance at membership meetings sponsored by programs or by the center, participation in center research efforts, leadership in significant outside organizations engaged with cancer, participation in peer review study sections, or other demonstrations of interaction with the cancer program will be considered.  As a consequence of review, members may have their categorical membership changed or terminated.

By National Cancer Institute policy, members who join another NCI-designated cancer center must have their membership terminated.

Doctoral membership is extended automatically while a graduate student remains on active status at UC Davis or while a fellow remains on fellowship at UC Davis or Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  Graduate students or fellows who are accepted into principal investigator-eligible faculty and scientist positions at these institutions are encouraged to apply for research member or member status.

Affiliate members retain their status indefinitely so long as the nature of their affiliation to the cancer program continues.