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UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Important phone numbers

UC Davis Childhood, Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program

For new referrals

Pediatric New Patient Referral Office
(916) 734-2782

Attending physician

(916) 734-2782 (office phone tree)
FAX: (916) 451-3014

Nurses: coordinators & advice

For routine or non-urgent issues – Monday - Friday
(916) 734-7006

Scheduling, authorizations, appointments (916) 734-5366
FAX: (916) 734-1357
Social services (916) 734-3706 (inpatient)
(916) 734-8268 (outpatient)
Other important telephone numbers

Interpreting Services (916) 734-2321
Pediatric Infusion Center (916) 734-5500
Pediatric Inpatient Unit – Davis 7 (916) 703-3070
Clinical trial research associates (916) 734-2780

Special instructions for patients and families

In an emergency
For life-threatening emergencies:
Call 911 or go to nearest emergency room. Please ask the ER doctor to contact the "on call" UC Davis pediatric hematology/oncology specialist as soon as possible.

For other emergencies:
If possible, please call your doctor -- either your cancer specialist or your child's primary care doctor  -- before going to an emergency room or urgent-care clinic. 

Urgent calls during normal business hours

If you need to reach a member of your health-care team about an urgent problem or question during normal business hours (from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays), please call the Pediatric Infusion Center at (916) 734-5500 and ask for the charge nurse. The charge nurse can page the appropriate member of your health-care team. Please do not call hospital units or the clinic appointment line for advice or questions about illness.

Urgent calls during the evening, weekends or holidays

If you have an urgent problem or question after hours or on a weekend or holiday, call the UC Davis Medical Center operator at (916) 734-2011 and ask to speak with the pediatric hematology/oncology physician "on call." The physician will be paged to speak with you.

Non-urgent questions

If you have a question or issue that doesn't need to be answered immediately, call (916) 734-7006 and leave a message for your nurse coordinator. He or she will call you back as soon as possible.

Prescription refills

Please allow three working days for us to refill prescriptions. At least three days before a prescription runs out,  please call (916) 734-7006 and leave a message for your nurse coordinator requesting a refill.