Chenji Zhou, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
602B Shriners Hospital, Sacramento Campus
Ph: 916-453-2268

The Zhou lab studies morphogenetic signaling in neural development and regeneration. They are primarily interested in tissue/organ morphogenesis that is regulated by several inductive factors such as Wnts. Incorrect activity and timing of morphogenetic signaling during development frequently result in embryonic death or severe birth defects.

Currently the Zhou lab is investigating the molecular and cellular mechanisms of several common developmental disorders and their prevention strategies using Wnt signaling mutants as the research model. They are also investigating the role of Wnt signaling in neural stem cells and related regeneration process to enhance their therapeutic potential for patients with related genetic diseases, brain tumors, and injured nerve tissues.

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  • CHA403, Neuroscience

Teaching and Research Awards

  • UC Davis Health System Research Award
  • Shriners Hospitals for Children
  • UC Davis Children’s Miracle Network
  • American Cancer Society
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • National Institutes of Health