Ruiwu Liu, Ph.D.
Associate Researcher
Oak Park Research Building, Suite 2301
Sacramento, CA 95817
Ph: 916-734-6414

Dr. Liu’s primary research focus has been in methods development for combinatory chemistry and applying combinatory chemistry for drug discovery. His current research projects include developing integrin-targeting imaging and therapeutic agents for lymphoma, glioblastoma and liver cancer; developing novel amyloid imaging agents for Alzheimer's disease; and developing small molecule inhibitors of Tec family kinases (e.g., Itk, Btk, Etk and Src) as anti-cancer agents; developing small molecule inhibitors of p21 as novel therapeutics for chemotherapy-resistant cancers, such as kidney cancer; combining in silico screening, combinatorial synthesis of small molecule libraries and in vitro yeast–based high throughput screening to identify inhibitors of androgen receptor DNA binding domain as novel prostate cancer therapeutics.

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