Thomas Jue, Ph.D.
4323 Tupper Hall
Davis Campus
Ph: 530-752-4569

Dr. Jue's research includes development and application of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic/imaging techniques to study metabolic regulation in normal and tumor tissues in vivo. His current research focuses on 1) refining high resolution NMR techniques to investigate the cellular response to limiting oxygen and the control of oxidative phosphorylation in myocardium and skeletal muscle 2) developing chemical shift imaging technique to spatially map tissue oxygenation and metabolite levels in vivo 3) determining the structure and function of proteins, in particular myoglobin in the cell 4) assess the function of uncoupling protein in body weight regulation 5) observing embryogenesis in transgenic mice and 6) mapping angiogenesis and metastasis.

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Upper division courses

  • 192 Internship in Biological Chemistry
  • 198 Group Study
  • 199 Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates

Graduate courses

  • 214 Molecular Medicine
  • 231 Biomedical NMR (same as BPH 231)
  • 291 Human Genetics Seminar
  • 298 Group Study
  • 299 Research

Professional courses for medical students

  • 410A Molecular and Cell Biology
  • 410B Cell Biology and Metabolism
  • 414 Molecular Medicine
  • 497 Tutoring in Biological Chemistry
  • 498 Group Study
  • 499 Research