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Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Administrative staff directory

The Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine administrative staff are located in the Patient Support Services Building and the Lawrence J. Ellison Ambulatory Care Center in Sacramento and on the UC Davis campus.  Staff members are responsible for the day to day administration of departmental programs and services as well as implementing policies and procedures set forth by the university, medical staff, and department in conjunction with state and national provisions.   Our administrative staff brings a wide range of backgrounds, unique skills, and years of experience to their positions, allowing them to provide the faculty with high quality support.

 Chief Administrative Officer

Aretha Gillis, 916-734-5677

Academic Personnel

Karen Anderson, 916-734-5032, MSO
Suresh Narayan, 916-734-7985, Academic and Staff Personnel Assistant (CRNA and SRNA Programs)
Vacant, 916-734-5042, Personnel and Payroll Assistant (Credentialing, Payroll)
Kally Turner, 916-734-5048, Assistant to the Chair (Academic Faculty Recruitment)
Joyce Groen, 916-734-5028, VCF appointments & Medical Student Coordinator

Finance Team

Kristin Britton-Isaacson, 916-734-5032, Manager, Business & Finance
Cynthia Adedipe, 916-734-7997, Anesthesia (Purchasing/Travel/Entertainment/CAMS)
Sharon McKee, 916-734-2431, Anesthesia (Purchasing/Travel/Entertainment/Malignant Hyperthermia-MH)
Stojan Mirkovic, 916-734-5062, Reimbursement Analyst
Hannah Smedstad, 916-734-7989, Anesthesia & Pain (Purchasing/Travel/Entertainment/StrataCap)

Information Technology Team

Joyce M. Schamburg, 916-734-8514, Webmaster and Network Administrator
Shaun Lane, 916-734-5122,  Assistant Webmaster and Network Administrator
Rafael Huerta, 916-734-5104, Desktop Support 
Alexis Caldeira, 916-734-2424, Scheduling and Assistant to Vice-Chair

Education Team

Roberta Pane, 916-734-5169, Manager, Education Program
Vacant, 916-734-5630, Education Coordinator
Blythe Myers, 916-734-5311, Pediatric Anesthesia Section Assistant, Technical Writer, CAO Assistant
Vacant, 916-734-5394, Cardiac Anesthesia Section Assistant
Beng Salud, 916-734-1574, CME Coordinator

Chair's Assistant

Kally Turner, 916-734-5048, Assistant to the Chair (Academic Faculty Recruitment)

Pain Medicine

David Willis, 916-734-6516, Pain Division Manager
Mureen Darrington, 916-734-6824, Pain Fellowship Coordinator
Marnie Livingston,  916-734-7097, Assistant to Pain Division Chief