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Academic Personnel

Academic Personnel

Salary Administration

Please contact Academic Personnel if you have any questions or need more information.

Forms and Tools

Appendix II Form (Interactive PDF)

Current Excel Calculator (Meg and MB Components)
NOTE:  This is a macro enabled document.  It must be saved as a macro enabled Excel document with the file extension .xlsm

Current Excel Calculator (Reg and HB Complonents)
NOTE:  If you have any questions concerning BY's, please contact your assigned Department Analyst

Compensation Plan

UC Davis School of Medicine/School of Nursing Health Sciences Compensation Plan Implementation Procedures (PDF)

Compensation Plan Toolkit (PDF)

Interactive Web Compensation Plan (Internet access, Web-browser and Authorization* Required)
* For authorization please contact the Academic Personnel Manager.

Please refer to the Conflict of Commitment page for information related to APM 025/670.