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Academic Personnel

Academic Personnel

New Hire

Please contact Academic Personnel if you have any questions or need more information.

Required Payroll Documents

Background Check (PDF) - This takes 48-72 hours to process. The background check form must be signed by applicant.

PeopleSoft Input Documents (PDF)

I-9 Form (PDF)

UC State Oath of Allegiance, Patent Policy and Patent Acknowledgement (PDF) - Oath is not required for International / Non-U.S. Citizen employees; however, the bottom half of the Patent Policy and Patent Acknowledgement is still required.

W-4 - Withholding Allowances (PDF) or W-4NR for Non-Resident Alien Employee (PDF) - The applicable form is required for all new hires regardless of pay status.

Personal Data Form (PDF)

Confidentiality Agreement Form  (Word) - DO NOT SUBMIT - retain document in the department file.

Demographic Data Form (PDF)

Payroll Dispostion Form (PDF)

Elder Abuse Notification Form (PDF)

Child Abuse Notification Form (PDF)

Non-Resident Employee Information

Additional information and documents are available on the UCOP Taxation of nonresident aliens webpage.

Other Forms

UCD Campus Accounting and Financial Services/Payroll Forms (Kerbos Login Required)