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Innovative Surgery: Robotic Doctors

Innovative Surgery: Robotic

For more than 200 years, surgeons have relied on their capable hands and hand-held instruments to save lives. Today there's a new frontier of surgery where robotic technology is used as an extension of the surgeon, allowing them to perform the most complex operations in innovative new ways. Home to advanced robotic technology, UC Davis Health System offers one of the best robotic surgery programs in the United States.

Using robotic-assisted techniques means UC Davis is able to perform some of the most complex surgeries – including California's first minimally invasive quadruple coronary artery bypass, one of the state's first esophageal cancer surgeries without an incision, and many more. These surgeries are more precise than conventional surgeries, and patients have less pain, fewer complications, and a much faster recovery.

UC Davis surgeons are world leaders: performing a broader array of robotic-assisted surgical procedures than most other hospitals in the western United States; teaching other regional surgeons the intricacies of new procedures; and working closely with robotic companies to pioneer new advances in health care delivery.

UC Davis is pioneering how minimally invasive gastrointestinal, cardiothoracic, gynecologic and urologic surgeries are being performed. When you have world-renowned surgeons using state-of-art robotic technology, not only is it a turning point in the history of health care, it can be a turning point for your life.

Learn more about robotic surgery and see how UC Davis Health System changing the way tomorrow’s health professionals are developing their expertise.

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