We see microscopic cancer-fighting agents.
You see the promise of tomorrow.

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Cancer: Nano-Particles

Sometimes the biggest breakthroughs are ones you can't see. For cancer patients, the promise of tomorrow may be linked to an innovative treatment delivery method that is infinitesimally small — just nanometers in diameter.

Traditional chemotherapy travels throughout a patient's bloodstream and can harm healthy as well as cancerous cells. UC Davis scientists and researchers have developed an extraordinary new method of targeting chemotherapy treatment. Nanoparticles smaller than a spec of dust can carry cancer-fighting agents directly to cancer cells. These particles lock on like puzzle pieces and deliver drugs designed to attack the tumor without harming the surrounding healthy tissue, meaning fewer negative side effects for patients.

Using nanoparticles and other targeted treatments may lead to a way to fight various cancers more safely and effectively. And while these remarkable cancer-fighting nanoparticles are not visible to the human eye, their results will be.

Visit the Cancer Center website to learn more about how UC Davis is breaking barriers to beat cancer.

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