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Heart: Stereotaxis Doctors

Heart: Stereotaxis

As the saying goes, seeing is believing. In cardiology, seeing is everything. Years ago, the only way to see a patient's heart to treat atrial fibrillation—also called arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat—was to perform major open chest surgery.

Now there's technology that creates a "map" of a heart's interior to allow surgeons to "see" inside. The more precise the mapping, the more accurate the treatment. UC Davis Health System has long been committed to investing in the latest technologies, which is why we're proud to offer what may be the most accurate system in the world: the Stereotaxis Magnetic Navigation System. In fact, there are fewer than 80 of these systems in the world, and the next closest one to Sacramento is over 90 miles away.

In a procedure that can be performed on both adults and children, the tip of the Stereotaxis catheter is guided through a small groin incision into the left ventricle and can be moved with amazing precision, in every direction, resulting in a 3D image of the heart's interior. Surgeons can see exactly where to interrupt the electrical impulses causing the irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia.

Simply put, no one in this region can do this procedure as accurately, as precisely, and as safely as UC Davis. As for the results, you'd have to see them to believe them.

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