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Breast Cancer: Five Day Radiation Therapy

Being diagnosed with early stage breast cancer can be frightening. So it's good to know one of the nation's top cancer centers is nearby. In fact, UC Davis Cancer Center is recognized by the National Cancer Institute and is within the top 1% of cancer centers in the nation.

Typically, after a tumor is removed from the breast, patients must undergo five to seven weeks of radiation therapy. This treatment exposes the heart, lungs, ribs and skin to harmful radiation. But today, some patients have another alternative — accelerated, partial breast irradiation.

After removal of the tumor, for two visits a day for the next five days, targeted radiation therapy is delivered directly to where the tumor typically reoccurs. This innovative therapy allows UC Davis physicians to reduce the chance of tumor reoccurrence by nearly 60%. Pair that with the fact that the treatment only takes five days, and it's easy to see why UC Davis Health System is leading the way in unlocking the mysteries of cancer and offering patients a brighter future.

Learn more about breast cancer and the innovative treatments offered at UC Davis Cancer Center.

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