We see a personal way to help patients fight cancer.
You see support on your journey to better health.

Cancer: WeCARE! Peer Navigator Program Cancer: WeCARE! Peer Navigator Program

Cancer: WeCARE! Peer Navigator Program

When the diagnosis is cancer, the journey to better health can seem like a long one. You shouldn’t have to go through it alone — and with UC Davis’ WeCARE! Cancer Peer Navigator Program, you won’t.

The program matches new cancer patients with specially trained cancer survivors – called Peer Navigators – based on age, gender, cancer type and more. Peer Navigators act as cancer coaches, standing alongside patients to provide one-on-one support. They’ll be there to assist you with problem-solving and coping strategies, offer resources to you and your family and accompany you to doctor visits or treatments, if desired.

Peer Navigators are one of the many reasons UC Davis is ranked among America’s best by the National Cancer Institute, and another way UC Davis is breaking barriers to beat cancer.

Learn more about how UC Davis is a nationally recognized leader in cancer care.

Cancer: WeCARE! Peer Navigator Program
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