We see cancer cells illuminated by radioisotopes.
You see the chance to get your life back sooner.

Cancer: Radioisotopes Cancer: Radioisotopes

Cancer: Radioisotopes

At UC Davis Health System, there’s new hope for cancer patients – a way to determine more quickly if treatment is working or if it needs adjustment for maximum effectiveness.

Ranked among America’s best by the National Cancer Institute, UC Davis is breaking barriers to beat cancer. Here, world-renowned scientists and physicians conduct groundbreaking research – like creating and investigating new imaging agents that selectively seek out and identify cancerous tissue.

These agents, called radioisotopes, illuminate cancerous cells to help physicians more accurately target tumors, monitor their growth and determine whether or not they are responding to therapy. It’s all done without the threat of invasive surgery and there’s no need to wait for a follow-up CT scan.

It’s one of the many ways UC Davis is leading cancer care in our region and throughout the nation. When you’re faced with the diagnosis of cancer, you want the experts at UC Davis on your side.

Learn more about breakthroughs in cancer care at UC Davis.

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