Photo of clinical trials team More than 100 clinical studies are currently recruiting participants.

New database details collaborative clinical research under way at UC Davis

At UC Davis Health System, a leading research university and teaching hospital, experts are collaborating to discover newer, better health-care solutions for patients of all ages, ethnicities, races, genders and backgrounds. Clinical trials help drive these medical breakthroughs.

To help the community learn more about the clinical studies under way, UC Davis has launched a clinical trials Web site and database. The site provides a list of frequently asked questions about clinical trials, a clinical trial participant's bill of rights and a searchable database of active clinical studies at UC Davis. The database can be searched by all clinical studies, those currently recruiting participants, principal investigators, departments or keywords, such as cancer or cystic fibrosis.

"We are extremely pleased that we can now offer the community broad access to active and recruiting clinical trials under way at UC Davis," notes Lars Berglund, associate dean for Clinical and Translational Research and director of the Clinical and Translational Science Center.

"Our database of hundreds of studies is a testament to the depth of the research we conduct. UC Davis Health System is truly committed to the advancement of science and our mission to bring the latest and most cutting-edge treatments to the community in which we serve."

More than 100 clinical studies are currently recruiting participants. Some of these include:

  • A new study will examine the genetic ancestry of African-American volunteers to determine who may be at more risk for prostate cancer. Call (916) 734-8138 to learn more.

  • People between 50 and 85 years old with macular degeneration may qualify to participate in a nationwide study to determine if a modified combination of vitamins, minerals and fish oil can further slow the progression of vision loss. Call (916) 734-6815 to learn more.

  • Individuals with advanced, widespread emphysema may participate in a nationwide study that is evaluating a new treatment to eliminate shortness of breath. Call (916) 734-1554 to learn more.

  • Children with autism, children with developmental delay who do not have autism and children without autism are being enrolled in a study to better understand the causes and contributing factors for autism or developmental delay. Call (916) 703-0433 to learn more.
In addition to the new database, a clinical trial will be highlighted regularly on the UC Davis Health System home page under a new standing link: Featured Clinical Trial, and a new advertisement will be running weekly, initially in the Sacramento Bee, to promote the institution's role in clinical and translational research.