Photo of Cancer Center expansion

The Radiation Oncology Clinic expansion, completed last year, added 7,000 square feet to the south side of the UC Davis Cancer Center.

The $3 million tomotherapy unit is part of an ambitious, three-year expansion of the UC Davis Cancer Center's Radiation Oncology Clinic. Five new radiation oncology faculty physicians and physicists have joined the Department of Radiation Oncology. In addition, a $6.1 million, 7,000-square-foot addition has expanded clinic and academic office space in the Radiation Oncology Clinic.

The Radiation Oncology Clinic is located on the ground floor of the UC Davis Cancer Center, at 4501 X Street on the UC Davis Medical Center campus.

In addition to tomotherapy, the Radiation Oncology Clinic offers the following treatment options:

  • A state-of-the-art linear accelerator, installed last summer that combines an advanced linear accelerator with three-dimensional X-ray technology. Known as the Synergy (Elekta) system, this linear accelerator can deliver a range of radiation energy levels tailored to a tumor's location and shape.

  • Two technologies for cranial radiosurgery: a gamma knife (Leksell) and a micro multileaf collimator (BrainLAB). The BrainLAB system can treat larger, irregular lesions, while the Leksell gamma knife can treat smaller tumors.

UC Davis is the only institution in the Sacramento region and one of a small number in the country to offer all of these technologies.

"No single technology is best for every patient," Vijayakumar said. "But by having more of the latest tools at our disposal, we are able to offer patients more choices to fight their disease."

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