Armed servicesThe Veterans Employee Association’s mission is to serve as a campus veteran resource that fosters unity and advocates on behalf of veteran staff, faculty and students in an effort to increase the presence, visibility and advocacy of the University of California, Davis Health veterans, service members and their families. We work to bring about a broad-based awareness, promote a shared environment of sensitivity and understanding, and encourage excellence and advancement at all levels within the UC Davis Health community


Veterans Days is observed this year on Saturday, November 11 (UC holiday Friday, November 10). UC Davis Health celebrated the occasion on Tuesday, November 7, 11:30am-1:30pm, at the Education Bldg. 3rd floor breezeway.

We would like to thank Dr. David Wisner for the great introduction to our presenters, Dr. Timothy Albertson (Brigadier General) and MS4 Thomas Cranmer (Lieutenant) as the scheduled guest speakers. Below are some pictures of the event:

Speakers at the Veterans event


Information about UC Davis Health Veterans Day (PDF).


Veteran Self-Identification Self Identification Form

UC Davis Campus, Veteran Constituency Group

US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Veteran Affairs (CALVET)

Veteran Affairs Center, Sacramento

Veteran Affairs Center, Citrus Heights

State of California, Employment Development Department (EDD)

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

American Legion (AL)

American Vets (AMVETS)

Team Rubicon

Team Red White and Blue


Interim Chair: Marian Brotzman: mebrotzman@ucdavis.edu or 916-734-2926

Co-Chair: Carla Alston: calston@ucdavis.edu or 916-851-1477

Secretary: Larissa Rees:  lerees@ucdavis.edu or 916-734-5828