Photo of UC Davis Vascular Center Nurse Shirley DaffinShirley Daffin RN is the triage/referral nurse coordinator for the Vascular Center Clinic.  She responds to telephone calls from patients to address concerns and determine when specialty care is needed. As the referral nurse coordinator, she carefully reviews new patient referrals, obtains the appropriate records and images and may interview patients by phone to make their specialist consultation as efficient as possible.  While providing part-time care coordination for the vascular patients, she also is the care coordinator for the interventional radiology, aortic pathology, and fibromuscular dysplasia patients.

Daffin graduated from San Jose State University in 1983 with a bachelor of science in nursing. She has a background in critical care, GI, and radiology nursing. She joined UC Davis in 2000 as a staff nurse on the GI/Vascular Surgery floor and the GI Lab.  From there she moved on to the radiology department, then transferred to the Vascular Center in 2007.  She achieved certification as a cardiac vascular nurse in 2010.
Daffin encourages each patient to be an active participant in his/her health management and is glad to have any opportunity to provide information or address patient concerns.

Daffin is also an avid gardener and photographer.