Photo of vascular nurse Kathleen Behan

Kathleen Behan earned her nursing license in 1989 from Romford College of Nursing and Midwifery; England. She earned a Bachelors Degree in Health Services Administration in 1997 from Saint Mary's College of California.

Behan started as a staff nurse at UC Davis in 1990 on a very busy surgical specialties unit. During this three year period she developed a broad set of nursing skills in caring for the surgical patient.

She has functioned in a variety of roles while working at UC Davis. Her focus changed to incorporate the care of the cardiovascular patient population in 1993, when she began working on the special care telemetry unit caring for the critically ill coronary patients and cardiac/thoracic surgery patients. During this experience she assumed the role of clinical resource nurse.

Her experience as both an assistant nurse manager and a resource nurse led Behan to assume the position of clinical nurse coordinator for the Cardiac/Thoracic Surgery Service at UC Davis in 2001. Stepping away form the bedside allowed her a more comprehensive approach to patients across the continuum of care, providing information, education and guiding patients and their families through very challenging times facing major surgery.

Currently, Behan functions as the inpatient resource nurse for the UC Davis Vascular Center. She is an integral part of the team and a focal point of communication between the multi-disciplinary team members involved in the care of vascular patients. She is a first point of contact for patients and their families after discharge from UC Davis. Behan is a resource to patients, families, residents and faculty. She assists with coordination of continuous quality improvement efforts for the Division of Vascular Surgery.

Behan holds certifications in cardiovascular nursing and advanced cardiac life support (ACLS). She is a member of the Society for Vascular Nursing.