Photo of UC Davis Vascular Center Nurse Shanna AdamsShanna Adams earned her nursing degree in 1992 and began her career at UC Davis Medical Center working in the Transplant/Special Care Unit. At UC Davis, Shanna has worked closely with patients dealing with problems associated with diabetes and a variety of metabolic disorders. She also worked with both donors and recipients of various organ transplantations. Shanna developed excellent clinical, evaluative and interpersonal skills over the 10 years that she worked with that patient population.

In 2002, Shanna was promoted to assistant manager of the UC Davis Medical Center’s Transfer Center. The Transfer Center is the receiving hub for admissions to the hospital outside of the emergency department. Shanna has worked closely with physicians, community hospitals, patients and their families to facilitate transfer and admission into the hospital.

In November of 2006, Shanna joined the newly formed Vascular Center Clinic as a clinical resource nurse. In addition to having expert clinical skills, Shanna also is critical-care and telemetry certified, and is an active member of the Society of Vascular Nursing, a national organization.