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Department of Urology

Department of Urology

Marc Dall’Era


Dr. Dall’Era’s clinical research is focused on active surveillance and clinical outcomes for men with prostate cancer. He investigates the role of active surveillance for low risk prostate cancer by assessing markers of progression, and outcomes for institutional cohorts.

Dr. Dall’Era’s individual basic science research has focused on isolating and characterizing prostatic tumor stem cells. He studied the molecular mechanisms of prostate cancer angiogenesis and the regulation of urokinase expression in human endothelial cells. He focused on the dual regulation of urokinase expression in prostate cancer cells by hormonal and signal transduction mediated pathways. He created primary prostate culture collection containing epithelium and stroma from clinical prostate specimens in addition to studying the production of urokinase and angiogenic cytokines by primary prostate cultures vs. established cell lines.

In addition, he examined the relationship between prostate cancer expression of the CD10 antigen and the aggressive cancer phenotype using high-throughput proteomics to define the major molecular partners of CD10 in human prostate cancer as well as evaluate cytokine expression from metastatic prostate cancer clinical specimens.