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Department of Urology

Department of Urology

Former Urology Residents and Their Research

Where they went for their Fellowship Training

Year Graduated  Name of Resident  Fellowship Training 
2002 Scott Troxel Minimally Invasive Surgery, UC Davis
2002 Trevor Thompson Minimally Invasive Surgery, England
2003 William Johnston III Minimally Invasive Surgery, University of Michigan
2003 Ralph “Tony” Highshaw Oncology, MD Anderson
2004 Eric Busby Oncology, MD Anderson
2005 Edward Karpman Infertility, Baylor
2006 Michael Nguyen Minimally Invasive Surgery, Cleveland Clinic
2007 Stacy Tanaka Pediatric Urology, Vanderbilt University
2008 John Eandi  Minimally Invasive Surgery, City of Hope Los Angeles
2009 Karim Chamie  Oncology, UCLA
2009 Nicholas Hellenthal  Oncology/Robotic Surgery, SUNY Buffalo
2010 Stanley Yap  Oncology, University of Toronto
2010 Kirk “Pat” Keegan  Oncology, Vanderbilt University
2013 Brian Hu Oncology, University of Southern California
2013 Hao Nguyen Oncology, University of California, San Francisco