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John Gangitano
I have published 7 papers since graduating from UCD med school. I became board certified in ophthalmology, retired from the Air Force as Deputy surgeon general of the world wide medical assets of the Strategic Air Command, and now I am asked to give college presentations on the subject of motivation. My oldest daughter taught classes at the Creighton law school, and my youngest daughter will graduate with a doctorate in occupational therapy from Creighton in 10 months.

Geoffrey A. Smith
I am teaching in Vietnam in March and April again this year. We will expand the charity to Laos, Tribal Thailand and Cambodia, and will be meeting with people in Myanmar [Burma] for their possible inclusion as well. The team here is composed of translators, ex peace corps administrators, speech therapists, audiologists and medical doctors. We conduct classes, workshops and lectures and work with village or local health care workers in the evaluation and treatment of disabled, mainly deaf children.



Ranya Alexander
Celebrated 25th wedding anniversary with wife Kamala, retired pediatric nurse practitioner. Daughter, Daya, graduates from Pomona in neuroscience also modeling. Daya was "body double" for Halle Berry (in ad posters for "007 James Bond" movie. Son, Gyan, graduates high school and leaning towards Williams College if basketball is a major (smile). Ranya is Associate Director of Urgent Care with San Diego's Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group. Also a natural health product importer/exporter and a founder of Wellness.com information website. Life is good.

Bruce Porter
Since 2000, I have had diagnoses of prostate cancer and gastric lymphoma, got divorced, survived all three and am now healthy, but used the perspective provided by these events to make some substantial changes in my life. I now live very happily on a boat in Seattle with my partner and sweetheart, Sharon, who is selling her house in Hawaii to be here with me. We live in a marina on Puget Sound, enjoy the compact simplicity of this life, and when the urge strikes us cast we off for a day or 6 weeks to adjacent islands or the Inside Passage/ Vancouver Island. It's nice to be able to take your home along and to have such beauty all around. Professionally, I have partially retired, mostly doing research, development, and lecturing on MR and Ultrasound imaging of Breast Cancer. This keeps us traveling far and wide, but it is fun and a great joy to pass on what I have learned about this important cancer. Information on our work and courses on MR of Breast Cancer can be found at www.firsthill.com.
To all: Good health, and love, and time to enjoy them...




Terrance Chang
Introduced to tai chi at the age of 9, Terrance Chang, M.D., Hill Physicians pediatrician and allergy and immunology specialist in Granite Bay, has spent the past five years faithfully practicing tai chi under the stars in his backyard and taking tai chi classes from his brother, a tai chi master. Dr. Chang whitewater kayaks, swims and ballroom dances. He hasn't gained a pound since college and feels stronger at 55 than he did 30 years ago — an impressive feat for a father of five. He is quick to attribute his good health and youthfulness to tai chi. "I've given up many activities for tai chi, including watching sports," Dr. Chang says. "Now, I just do them."
If you think tai chi means a group of older people striking graceful poses in the middle of a park — think again. "Tai chi is becoming popular in the United States," says Chang, "As a result, many local libraries have tai chi tapes." With daily practice, it becomes more meditative and a total mind-body experience, which cultivates energy. Then you can enjoy the essence of tai chi. As tai chi's popularity increases, people and medical science are seeing its benefits, including improved:

  • Balance and flexibility, which results in fewer falls and fractured bones
  • Circulation and blood pressure, which lowers risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Glucose metabolism, which reduces risk of diabetes and obesity
  • Mental alertness and sleep habits, which equals less anxiety and depression
  • Asthma and respiration
Article taken from the Hill Health Spring 2005 edition, a publication of Hill Physicians Medical Group 2401 Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon CA 94583. www.hillhealth.com


A. Elizabeth Warren
Very limited by arthritis — have pace-maker. Plan move to San Jose to be near my daughter and grandson. Retired 2003 from medicine but I keep busy!



Oregon Hunter
What a cleanup job after three hurricanes in Florida in 2004. Ten days without water or power was tough. Our 56 acres (Vision Farms, a former retreat center) in north central Florida now has a 25 acre lake which has only partly receded in 5 months.

Oregon in the farm truck cleaning up some of the mess.



Scott P. Smith
I recently returned from my second short term medical mission in Ethiopia; I was in Bahir Dar this past January and in Addis Ababa in January 2004.
I became a grandfather to Ransom Lu Scott Smith on August 21, 2003.
I retired from medical management practice at the end of January to pursue other interests; I am returning to school for a second master's degree and will turn my efforts toward teaching biological sciences at the secondary level. My medical practice will be limited to volunteer and developing nation work.
Janis and I will see our 32nd wedding anniversary this summer; we plan to celebrate by visiting our eldest son (born while I was a third year medical student at UCD) and family in Portland, OR, and taking some couple-only time in Bermuda, our favorite place on the planet.
Son # 2 will be a sophomore at Northeastern in Chicago next year and wants to be a clinical psychologist; son #3 will be a high school junior and wants to be a Renaissance man.
Other than the above, all is stable!

Doug Woolley
Fond greetings to all my classmates of the Class of '77. In April my investiture as the Delos Smith Professor of Geriatrics at Kansas University School of Medicine takes place, just as I become eligible for AARP membership.



Jamie McManus
Check out Jamie McManus' book. www.drjamie.net.



Steve Edelman
After 18 years at UCSD and the VA medical center, I will be making an exciting change (for me) in July. I will be part time at the university (cutting out the administrative part of my job...yippie) and spending more time with the non profit organization that I started 10 years ago and is now a national organization. See the web site http://www.tcoyd.org. The organization is dedicated to educating and motivating people with diabetes and their loved ones to take an active role in their health care in order to live healthier lives. When I won the UC Davis School of Medicine Alumni award many years ago it was for the work I was doing at TCOYD. TCOYD just won an award by the City of San Diego. My wife who is a podiatrist specializing in diabetes is also very active in the organization and she volunteers her time as well.

Ken Holbert
Hi All, after 20 years of EM practice, my responsibilities had finally devolved to the point where I could remain totally out of communication for one week. I spent that week this February in Beaumont, Haiti at a medical mission.



Loretta Y. Howitt
I have been a psychiatrist listening to sad stories for almost twenty years now. Being privy to the secrets, fears and struggles of my patients has brought me a degree of wisdom. Life is often quite difficult for all of us. I am at Los Angeles Kaiser since '90, doing Consult and Emergency Psychiatry. I chair the Physician Well-Being Committee and have seen colleagues through horrendous times. Most remarkable is how late self-care and attention to ones own needs kick in for many of us. Every day I am grateful for my family, for the stamina I am blessed with to hear the sad stories, and for small joys like a pot of bean soup.
I would be happy to hear from classmates.

Troy Kaji
I am enjoying work with Contra Costa County and the Martinez Family Practice residency program. Meanwhile, Marguerite and our five daughters keep us active in the Berkeley community.



Bradley Anawalt
I am doing well. Live in Seattle and work at the Seattle VA as the Assistant Chief of Medicine and on the faculty at the University of Washington. I do research in male hormonal contraception, male infertility and androgens. I have 3 girls ages 5, 3 and 7 months and 4 kittens (4 weeks old). Here's a picture of my girls.


Patricia Ostrander
Well you might imagine a career in Endocrinology would prepare me to understand the hormonal upheaval of teenagers (now 2 at home) but you'd be wrong. Our third child is now nine. At least when he is a teenager I'll hopefully be able to kick the oldest one out to college. Adam is still stay at home Dad and soccer coach and lately involved in a possible business venture. Work is so busy I have agreed to bring in a partner — anyone know of an Endocrinologist looking for work? We still live in Sacramento and our hearts are here now finally too. Getting older, hopefully wiser and possibly smaller — or is it just that now all these teenagers are taller than me now?.

Ed Redard
Over the past five years the Mind/Body Medicine aspect of my practice has greatly expanded. Through the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis we have been getting dramatic and complete resolution with cases of depression, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and other stress "related" disorders. Last year saw the successful launch of the Mindful Health Institute. The Institute is dedicated to the discovery, refinement, and training of the tools and techniques that assist individuals and groups in harnessing the power of their unconscious mindbody connection. This is done through developing new and unique applications of Temperament/Personality Theory, Hypnosis, and NLP in relation to health, well-being, attitude and personal achievement. We have presented on these topics at National Conferences, with a highlight being the presentations of, "NLP: Cutting Edge Technology for Behavior Change" along with "Hypnotic Motivation" at this year's National Wellness Conference.
Mary's (my wife-equivalent) book, "Showing Our True Colors" is doing well, as is her speaking business. She had the privilege of presenting at the U.S. Air Force Worldwide Director's Conference in Washington D.C. last October. She is currently developing a new project for Ken Blanchard which will join the aspects of True Colors with the One Minute Manager.


Bobby Sloan
I live in Hilo with my 9 year old daughter Thai Ha. Gymnastics, Jazz dance, Piano (6 years), and ballet keep us pretty busy. Oh, she and I are also taking violin, but I think I will drop out — it is so hard and time consuming. We both started rollerblading after we moved back to Hilo, because she missed ice skating in Honolulu. I broke my hip. WE don't rollerblade anymore. I think we will move back to Honolulu, so she can ice skate. SHE excels at it. I think it is HER sport. Oh, my private office is in Hilo, but I do medicolegal work all over the state. Doing better than ever now that I figured out that the insurance companies are not going to change. Aloha! 



Soni Andreini
I continue to be a small town rural doctor but am working on a second career for my retirement. (So it's a ways to go, but not too early to plan!) My husband and I have started a small ceramics business and hope this will continue to grow. My right brain needed exercise!



Kathleen Smith
Coralina Michelle was born on Dec. 4th :) Everyone is well.

David L. Boardman
I have recently been appointed as chief of Orthopaedic Surgery for the Northwest Region for Kaiser Permanente. My joint replacement practice remains full and challenging, and my family life, while extremely satisfying, is about to take a significant turn, with our anticipated new member — a standard poodle puppy.

June Lee
I left UCSF (where I was Asst. Professor in Pulmonary and Critical Care Division) last year to join Genentech. I am doing clinical development work and enjoying the transition to the industry. At home, we are enjoying our life with our 3 children (Zachary 7, Kiki 4, Micah 2).



Roy Holeyfield, Jr.
Still enjoying private practice in Nebraska, but I must say I do miss beautiful California! Just bought a vacation home in Phoenix as a get away from the frigid winters here. I hope everyone is enjoying their lives wherever you may be. If you are ever lost and passing through Nebraska you are welcome to stay with me. Take care everyone.



Henry Schwartz
It's been a busy year for me. Practicing flight and operational medicine with the US Air Force along with academic medicine here at UCDMC. I'll be leaving UC Davis to join the endocrinology group at Kaiser Permanente's Sacramento Medical Center after the first of the year. I'll be working with UCDMC alumni Laura Hoffman, Michael Okimura, and Mark Sheffield.



Roman Sniecinski
Hi y'all. After completing my Anesthesiology residency at UCDMC, I moved to Atlanta for a fellowship in CT Anesthesia at Emory University. I must like the South, since I decided to stay on as faculty here. Thus far I'm enjoying academia — it's nice to have residents and fellows to do the SCUT!



Kelly Culwell
As of July 2005, I will be a married lady! Kent and I are getting married in San Diego just in time for us to move to Chicago. There I will be starting a fellowship in Family Planning at Northwestern University.

Terry G. Murphy
I am the current President of EMDAC (Emergency Medical Director's Association of California), and the Medical Director of El Dorado County EMS. I still work in the "pit" @ St. Joseph's Medical Center, a very busy ER with another alumnus, Dr. Mike Herrera. Great fun!!!



Matt Arnold and Kate Arnold
For myself, Matt Arnold Class of 2001: Finishing up Neurology residency at UCLA this year, and staying at UCLA to do a Movement Disorder's fellowship. My wife Kate Arnold (formerly Justison) Class of 2002 is finishing up her Internal Medicine residency, and staying on at Cedars Sinai to do an Infectious Disease fellowship. 



Este Geraghty
Hello everyone. Well, it's been a circuitous journey, but I'm finally coming back to UC Davis for a fellowship, called the Primary Care Outcomes Research Fellowship. I'm anxious to get started in July and looking forward to being back "home" again.

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