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Thanks a billion!

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"I think we often overlook the jewel that is in our midst. UC Davis is the greatest public research institution in the world. I cannot think of any investment in our future that is more worthwhile than supporting the mission of this university."

Business leader Mark Friedman

By advancing excellence, innovation, public service, opportunity and quality of life, The Campaign for UC Davis propelled the university to even greater heights of distinction, scholarship and service.

UC Davis Health System

UC Davis Health System raised more than $300 million as part of The Campaign for UC Davis. The donations from thousands of donors helped launch a new school of nursing, increase the number of endowed chairs to support research, provided new scholarship opportunities for students and enhanced clinical programs with new facilities.


Student scholarships

Student scholarshipsWith average medical school debt totaling tens of thousands of dollars, scholarships are an important tool in attracting the brightest, most promising students, especially if they face significant challenges in funding a medical education. Former School of Medicine graduates have been instrumental in funding scholarships.



Endowed faculty

Endowed FacultyEndowments created by philanthropic contributions produce annual income that becomes a stream of lifelong support for invigorating research and enhancing teaching skills. For Donald Bers, holder of the Joseph Silva Chair for Cardiovascular Research, the endowment helps further his groundbreaking studies in heart function.




Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis

Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC DavisA $100 million grant from the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation created a nursing school named in Betty Irene Moore’s honor. The school goes beyond traditional boundaries with a vision to transform health care through nursing education, research and leadership.




Firefighter support

"The need to keep our facilities and technology up to date is critical in delivering the complex care people in the region depend upon.
That is why we are pleased to do our part to help."

Michael W.Chapman and his wife, Betty

The Firefighters Burn Institute played a crucial role in funding a new state-of-the-art burn center at UC Davis. In addition to being a top financial supporter of UC Davis Medical Center’s recent expansion, the firefighters institute was instrumental in founding the hospital’s original burn center more than three decades ago.






Enhanced patient care

Enhanced patient careDonors supported UC Davis’ ability to provide even greater care to the residents of the Sacramento region by helping to finance new facilities that offer the safest, most up-to-date services available in the area. With donors’ contributions, the health system has opened a state-of-the-art surgery and emergency services area for the medical center, an expanded comprehensive cancer center and a new pediatric intensive care unit.


Employee giving

Employee givingUC Davis Health System achieved the highest employee-giving rate among UC health systems.Through its Voluntary Direct employee-giving program, employees contributed $1.6 million to support groundbreaking research, clinical programs and almost every other aspect of the health system.



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Thanks a billion!