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Robert E. Fontaine
I am presently in Beijing, China, with my wife Karla. I'm here until at least 2007 to help the Chinese model their epidemiologic services after those of the U.S. CDC. My sons are in school in the U.S., but have been visiting us regularly. Nicolas is beginning a Ph.D. in electrical engineering at UC Davis, while Alex and Eric are undergraduates at Georgia Tech. They are also good jazz musicians and you might find them playing in Davis, Atlanta, or Beijing.

Soon after I joined the CDC in 1973, I handled several disease outbreaks throughout the U.S. and worked on smallpox eradication in a remote area of India. I then spent three years in El Salvador on malaria epidemiology and first met Karla who had been working as the ambassador's secretary. After several years back at the home base in Atlanta, we went to the Middle East where I helped Saudi Arabia and Jordan to establish CDCstyle epidemiology training programs.

I happened to be in Beijing in late February, 2003, conducting a scientific writing workshop, when the chief epidemiologist asked me how to approach an outbreak of atypical pneumonia in the south. The SARS epidemic opened a new stage of U.S.-China cooperation leading to my being posted here. I am now developing the epidemiologic skills of 24 Chinese doctors who are handling epidemiologic emergencies throughout the country.

Geoffrey A. Smith
Since my retirement in 1999, I have mainly worked funding and providing instruction in ear, nose and throat medicine for the health care providers of regional government, Catholic and Buddhist schools for disabled children in Vietnam. I am at the schools four to six weeks per year. The rest of the time I consult, and am medical director of the San Diego area Latino Healthcare.



Bruce Greenberg
We are headed back to Puerto Rico in January to finish the paperwork on our property and take the next steps toward eventually building a vacation home there. Dr. Peter Hueblein (known in med school as "Huebie") came down to King City to check into the possibility of doing part-time neurology consultations for the Mee Memorial Clinic where I work. It had been more than 25 years since the two members of the Gorilla Pit had seen each other, and both are looking forward to attending the 2005 class reunion.

Tom Koch
The main news from Oregon: 1) We just opened our second urgent care clinic in Medford and I'm finding the part-time medicine and part-time business management a delightful and stimulating career change. 2) There are so many of you Californians moving to Oregon to escape, that I propose they move the medical school (UC Davis), but not your governor, to Oregon.

Richard Wageman
Becky and I are continuing our nomadic lifestyle, this past year traveling to the East Coast and eventually to Newfoundland and Labrador. We are currently in Las Vegas, our last home of record, visiting friends. Shortly we will be leaving here and traveling to California and points west.



Nanette Gartrell
Check out Nanette Gartrell's travel piece in the Sunday New York Times Sophisticated Traveler Magazine on Nov. 21, 2004 (or online anytime), called "Travels" with the Aunts" — a lighthearted tale of a wild orca adventure with six lesbian aunts. There's also an amusing sidebar by her 15-year-old nephew, Nathan.

Rahnea L. Sunseri
My husband and I are settling in Santa Cruz County. Still retired from my private practice and on a sabbatical called life. Have been managing family properties, ugh. Contemplating part-time doctoring for 2005. Still active with CME and license. Hope all goes well in the new year with UC Davis and my classmates. P.S. Still finding time for reading, skiing, hiking and biking, just not enough...

Sarah Woerner
I am still practicing (part time) pediatrics with fellow classmate John Reeder and four other pediatricians in Grass Valley. Have been very involved in establishing a crisis nursery here, where families can bring young children to be cared for from one to 30 nights in the event of a family crisis, while the family gets linked to services to help them with their situation. Hopefully this will decrease our child abuse statistics, and keep kids out of temporary foster care. Very rewarding. Best wishes to all my fellow graduates.



Anne Hazelton
I am starting to work on more legal cases. VERY interesting.



Dennis Bourdette
In January, 2004, I was appointed chairman of the Department of Neurology at Oregon Health & Science University. I continue to conduct research seeking to develop new treatments for multiple sclerosis. My wife, Jackie, and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary and our 18-year-old son, Dean, is still deciding what he wants to do with his life. I also celebrated 10 years of being cancer free after being treated for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 1994. I am grateful every day for my family, career and health.



Vernon Fong
In the twilight of my career, I have returned to the roots of my ancestors. I have just begun a solo orthopaedic surgery practice in San Francisco's Chinatown.

There is much less of a surgical and complex case practice in this community, but the volume of patients and the need of the patients are great. I am enjoying myself immensely, and have found myself again. I am happy in many more ways than I have ever been before. My health is excellent, my children are grown and on their own, and I have found love in all the right places.



Heather Folsom
My second book comes out January 2005, a novel titled "Hypohypothesis." Still practicing psychiatry, too, of course. Best regards to all.



Alan Kelley
(see article here)



Ernest Bloom
I enjoyed seeing my old classmates at the recent reunion (June 12, 2004). I continue to enjoy the practice of dermatology in my group.

I have temporarily stopped my dermatology research, but, I continue to find time for wind surfing. The month after the reunion I went down to the Caribbean, again, to the island of Bonaire. Until the next meeting, I will miss my Class of '84 sisters and brothers wherever you are. Be well.



Eric Manning
I left a group practice in nephrology and started out on my own in New Jersey. I have since acquired two nephrologists and work at four area hospitals. I will also be opening a dialysis unit close to my work and home in the spring of 2005.



Steven J. Lengle
I have decided — after nine years in Redding, Calif. — to escape the heat (and cultural isolation) and move to Washington state. I will be joining a well established group of interventional and diagnostic radiologists at South Sound Radiology in Olympia, Wash. I will also be hooking up with the lead guitar player for my old blues band (The Occasional Blues Band), Greg Carter, M.D. Greg was a physical medicine and rehabilitation faculty member at UC Davis Medical Center and also worked with the Horowitzs in the old Department of Physiology. I'm looking forward to the move and being close (about 45 minutes) to Seattle. The medical community is great there and the music and cultural scene world-class.



Louise Beckett
Jay E. Thurman, Louise Beckett's "new" husband writes:

Since last April I have been working for Dr. Beckett, managing one of her new clinics. We were married on October 2, 2004, in Chicago (our favorite city). I am answering for her for a couple of reasons. One, she is WAY too modest about her success and two, frankly she is extremely busy. Louise has several "irons in the fire" in regards to her career. She owns and operates IPS Research Company (https://www.ipsresearch. com). Today IPS is the largest psychopharmacology research facility in the state of Oklahoma. She also still teaches at the University of Oklahoma Medical School on an adjunct basis (this is what brought her to Oklahoma initially). In May of this year we opened the Oklahoma CHAAD Institute (https://www.okchaad.com). This is a specialty clinic for the treatment of AD/HD in both children and adults. In August of this year Dr. Beckett was named as one of "America's Top Psychiatrist" by an independent consumer group. You can find out more detail on the CHAAD Institute's Web site (link listed above). It is listed under "Our Team" and I would recommend you take a look at this for additional information. In summary, UC Davis School of Medicine should be extremely proud of this particular alumna. She is not only a wonderful and successful physician she is the absolutely BEST WIFE AND MOTHER any man could dream of.

Robert Sloan
Moved to Hilo a few years ago, but ever since I was a physician for the 2002 Winter Olympics, my 9-year-old daughter is heavy into ice skating. Will be moving back to Honolulu next year.

Dawn Motyka
Is hosting on a radio program, Health Matters, in her local Santa Cruz area. The show aims at educating consumers about both scientific and alternative medical treatments and options. The show has an associated Web site run by her husband, Charles Manske, that allows visitors to download the latest show and offers links to other health resources. The Web site address is www.healthmattersaudio.com. Dawn recently passed her American Board of Medical Acupuncture board exams and is in the process of figuring out how to integrate a busy family medicine practice and appropriate alternative therapies like acupuncture and hypnosis. She would love to hear from others who are on similar paths and can be reached at dmotyka@pmgscc.com.

Jeff Shimoyama
I was a full-time faculty member at UCLA School of Medicine from 1993-2000, leaving at the level of associate clinical professor of medicine. I am currently located at Kaiser Permanente, Culver-Marina office in Los Angeles, Calif. I became a "partner" in 2003.



Stacey Kerr
The name change came when I took my maiden name back several years ago. No — I didn't get married again! After my residency in family practice in Santa Rosa, I went into private practice for 15 years. The last five years were in solo practice. I created a primary care setting that provided old-fashioned personal care to a population I had come to know well over the years. On April 1 this past year I retired from clinical practice. That month I was published in JAMA giving everyone "A Piece of My Mind." I had found that medicine was a passion for me, and that I was unable to practice passionately in my local medical environment and still make a decent living. Now THAT'S something I never expected to happen! I have spent the rest of 2004 adjusting to being nongoal-oriented for the first time in my life. I am finally having time to pursue my creative endeavors that were on the back burner during all those scientific and business years. Photography, theater, music, travel and writing fill my days. My oldest daughter (who is also one of my best friends) and her son, who is 12, live nearby, and my younger daughter lives in Maui. Not a bad place to visit! So I continue to have adventures with my family and continue to explore new avenues affecting the world around me.

Joseph A. Mele
Everything is well in Walnut Creek. It was to great to get out of town for the alumni class reunion. My family enjoyed themselves and the weather. Since my last update, I am still in solo practice, and have served the last four years as chairman of the Division of Plastic Surgery at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek. As a trauma center we do have some overlap with UC Davis. Although the Sacramento campus has changed a lot in the 15 years since I graduated, I can still give directions to those whose families have been flown to both our institutions after a trauma.

Marcia Wharton
I have now been practicing with my partners for eight years. We have had to consolidate three sites into two in order to stay in business. Times are tough in primary care and although we keep trying to work smarter, it just seems to get harder. I am thankful to have found such a supportive group of colleagues and a practice full of patients I enjoy working with. I am getting married for the second time next March and in addition to finally finding my life partner, I am getting a great stepson as well. My son, Cole, is thrilled with his new family and the four of us are celebrating with a trip to Disneyland during Christmas break. Happy Holidays!.



Marie Agleham
Life is good in Half Moon Bay with my husband, Francis, and our two boys (Frankie, 7, and Daniel, 4). Decided in 2002 to leave the drama and politics of group practice to go solo. Haven't looked back since! I've expanded my practice to include pharmaceutical grade nutritionals, a weight management program and "medical spa." If you're ever in the San Francisco- Peninsula area feel free to visit or just send me an e-mail Magleham@pol.net. It would be great to re-connect!

Paul Mayer
Still working at La Clinica Del Valle in Medford, Ore. full-time. Have stepped down as medical director (too much administrative work). My wife and I had identical twin boys November 2, 2003 so now we have four children — Zachary, 7, Olivia, 4, Noah, 1, and Luke, 1.



Kathleen Smith
I am still practicing pediatrics in Oakland and we are expecting our second child any day... :)



Mark R Taylor
1993 Hospital Based Service
The Permanente Medical Group
99 Montecillo Road
San Rafael, CA 94903
(415) 444-2920)



Zenja Watkins
Classmates of 1994: Zenja Watkins, Darin Lattimore, Jackie McKay, Andre Creese and their children. We planned a mini get-together in Sacramento because Andre was visiting from South Carolina. Best Wishes to all!!



Sunil Bhopale
I got married in May of this year and have been busy working full time as an emergency physician for Kaiser Permanente in Redwood City, Calif. I am the assistant chief of the Emergency Department and also work closely with San Mateo County EMS.

Yan Chin
Our medical group was selected one of the Hot Twenty under Forty by San Francisco's 7x7 Magazine (October 2004 issue). They are twenty people under forty years of age doing "cool" things in the city. The distinctive thing about our medical group is that we make house calls a key element of our practice. We are also featured on the local evening news on San Francisco's ABC affiliate. A small part of the story is me making a house call on one of my regular patients.

Robert Kloepper
I have moved to Moab, Utah, where I have a general orthopaedic surgery practice. I am married to Jill Buchanan and we have a 3-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy. The hiking and mountain biking are great year-round, except for July and August, when it is the rafting season. Visitors are always welcome. Rkloepper@yahoo.com



Diane Brockmeyer
I am happy working as a primary care doctor in Boston and teaching residents and medical students. I would love to see any classmates/friends who come through Boston!

Jonathan Fox
I'm still enjoying raising a family and working in a group practice in pediatrics in the Pacific Northwest. Christine and I have two children, Amanda (March 2001) and Eric (May 2003). This is a picture of them from Christmas 2003.


Saad Shaikh
Hello classmates, I'm now a junior partner in a retina group practice in Orlando, Fla. with a wife and 2-yearold enjoying the Disney lifestyle. Best wishes!




Charlie Espy
It has been quite a year. We were blessed with twins and now the Espy clan is up to four little ones. Tristan is 6, Amber is 2, Joseph and Zachary are 10 months old. I have transferred to Kaiser in Sacramento and am loving it. Still playing basketball five days per week. Still wasting time playing video games. Hoping to act my age in about 30 years. Michelle (my beautiful wife) is now a stay-at-home mom and plans to practice law again in four years. Sherard Houston and I are planning to invest in real estate this spring. He better not lose my money. I got kids to feed.


Robert Lo
I just graduated from UCSF allergy and immunology fellowship and started working at Kaiser in South San Francisco. Marsha and I are busy with the kids. Carina is now 4, and Kevin is almost 3. Keep in touch.

Brent and Amy Culver
Amy continues to enjoy her family practice career in San Diego. She works as a provider in a multispecialty group and is the medical director of a clinic at a high school in an underserved area. Brent Culver has finally finished training in rheumatology and divides his time between private practice, attending at a medicine residency program, and starting an adolescent rheumatology clinic at Children's Hospital. Most importantly, Amy and Brent are overjoyed to introduce their daughter, Sarah, who was born in August. She certainly plays on the center stage both our lives.



Edward Lim
I finished psychiatry residency at Harbor-UCLA in 2003. I moved up to Alameda, Calif. with my partner soon after. I'm working in several county clinics (Alameda and San Francisco Counties) and starting a private practice in Alameda. Liyoong Lim (AKA Liyoong Lim Ott) My specialty is oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Liyoong Lim (AKA Liyoong Lim Ott)
My specialty is oral and maxillofacial surgery.



Nathanael Horne
I am finishing my allergy and immunology fellowship in June 2005 and joining a private allergy practice in Manhattan. I just ran the 2004 New York Marathon and qualified for the 2005 Boston Marathon. Regards.

Chris Longhurst
Erika and I decided to stick around the Bay Area for a couple more years when I took a position as the physician lead for clinical informatics at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford, where I finished my pediatric residency in June. It is great to be done with training and have more time for family and friends!.

Tanya Nauenberg
I am practicing as a general pediatrician at the Santa Cruz Medical Foundation in Santa Cruz, Calif.

Corey Wallach
Greetings from Pittsburgh. Corey and Stacey Wallach have a new addition to their family, Zoe Rae, and will be returning to California to complete a spine fellowship with Jeff Wong, M.D., at UCLA. We are looking forward to the warmer winters. Hope all is well!



Este Geraghty
Hello Everyone! In only seven months I will have finished my internal medicine residency at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. I'm hoping to do a general medicine fellowship next year. As often as possible, I've been involved with interesting research projects. Colin is well, looking forward to my moving back home to Sacramento (so he says).



Sam Chao
DALLAS GETS STAMP OF APPROVAL BY CALIFORNIAN! Internship in surgery is sweet. So far, I've fixed a few hernias, yanked some appendices, lopped off a couple limbs, pulled out a gallbladder or two, and cored out some breast cancers. What can I say? Parkland Hospital is busy AND awesome.

As much as I'm loving surgery, I'm totally looking forward to starting my radiology residency next year. The plan is to finish a fellowship in interventional radiology. Getting married in Los Angeles to the lovely Ms. Tamara Ho this May. Yahoo!! Cheers to all.

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