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Medicos NicaraguaThe history of MEDICOS is a tale of how a group of motivated medical students can turn an ambitious dream into reality with teamwork, dedication and some good fortune. Read more

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David M. Freeto

My son Brian, his wife Jen and son Ben moved back to Napa to join the orthopedic group, so we are now practicing at the same hospital. Twin brother Michael is working in New Orleans but is looking for an emergency physician job here in California. My daughter Jill just married and will be chief medical resident at UCI. I am slowly winding down practice here in Napa, having added a partner and will soon be looking for a third. I am blessed with good health, still skiing, masters swimming and bike riding centuries. I hope all my classmates are happy and successful.


Geoffrey A. Smith

Geoffrey A. SmithBy the time this issue comes out we will be back in southeast Asia working with the disabled kids in the AHAC project for Laos, Burma, Vietnam and Cambodia. The project is in the second decade and welcomes any medical-audiology-speech pathology students or graduates who want to volunteer a week or two in primitive conditions. I have put the ancient Maya exhibit together for the Museum of Man in San Diego over this past year. Over 600 of my donated artifacts will keep students and museum archaeologists busy for a while. Here are some. Note the top one's uncanny look of a modern rock star.


Jerald Gerst

I am in the process of transferring from Kaiser Permanente, Livermore, to Kaiser, Rohnert Park. I will be working part-time between the two sites in February and March, completely transferring to RPK (KP is almost as full of acronyms as the government) on (ta-da!) April Fool's Day. There is a nice symmetry to this, since I transferred to Livermore on April 1, 2005.


Judith Feldman

My husband, Michael Cutaia, and I celebrated our 32nd anniversary in January. I am still working as chief medical officer for the VA Network in New York and New Jersey. Mike is chief of pulmonary and critical care at the Brooklyn VA. Our first grandchild – Misa Grace – was born to our son Nicholas and daughter-in-law Erika on June 19. They live 10 blocks from us in Brooklyn, so we see them a lot and love every minute. Our son Jesse also lives close, and works as a large-project manager for a solar company in Brooklyn. We have an embarrassment of riches. Would love to see folks in NYC.


Bruce D. Greenberg

Still doing rural family practice in King City. We have been precepting an increasing number of UC Davis medical and PA students here at our practice. We have had great support from the Department of Community and Family Medicine and Rural-PRIME, and are in the process of being evaluated by Rural-PRIME as an official clinical site. We joke that we are becoming "UC Davis School of Medicine – South Campus."

Ana is doing mostly community volunteer work. She also enjoys cooking for the UC Davis students that we host. Daughter Katie is a high school guidance counselor in Visalia. Anyssa is 10 and Angel is 7. Daughter Kim is involved in a lot of church-sponsored volunteer work in Salinas. She is at home with Hannah, who is 1½, and son Mark is ready to graduate from high school.

We are hoping to get back to Puerto Rico this spring for a family reunion with Ana's cousins. The lure of the Caribbean just makes you want to go back over and over again. We are still looking forward to getting started on our vacation home within the next few years.

I am looking forward to the class reunion of the Gorilla Pit in 2010. I said that I would retire when all of my hair turned gray. Right now, it's about 50-50, so I guess I still have a way to go.


Kevin Keck

Kevin KeckKevin and Gail Keck remain in Portland, Ore., with Providence Health Systems. Our children are thriving. Philip is a school teacher, Laura graduates from OHSU this May, and Brian is on his way to grad school in chemistry. Gail is a volunteer, and is very interested in her court-appointed special advocate work. Kevin enjoys practicing, particularly at the charity clinics and mission work.


William H. Reid

Bill Reid, who graduated from the psychiatry residency program in 1975, is practicing, teaching and writing, but is also releasing a new CD with blues, country and folk music early in 2010. For a taste of the music and more information, go to


Rahnea Sunseri

Hello, classmates. I hope all of you are healthy and happy. I had retired from private practice and was doing private consultations as volunteer work. Last year, however, I started a locum tenens career path. My life as a locum is rewarding. The internal medicine/primary-care clinics where I work are like training programs because of the diversity of disease in their patients. Lots of new diagnoses to make. No chance for boredom whatsoever. I can embrace my inner nerd fully. Additionally, these clinics afford me the opportunity to work for the medically underserved.

On the personal side, my husband, Franz, and I are still living in lovely Aptos, Calif., somewhat out of the fast lane. Our children, Vito and Nicci, still endeavor to complete college. Franz and I are fortunate to share much in life, including skiing and cycling.


Roberto C. Ruiz

Roberto C. RuizHi, Class of '78. Greetings to all, hope health is with you. I am still doing what I love to do: solo practice for 30 years. I am now beginning to consider the "retirement" issue. I find myself spending more time at the ranch with my family in the Seguin area. I have totally been blessed with a wonderful family, including three great-grandkids.




Terrence Smith

Terrence Smith is the recipient of UC Davis' Emil M. Mrak International Award for his distinguished career and service outside of the United States. A volunteer at the Mae Tao Clinic in Thailand, Smith treats displaced ethnic migrants and refugees from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Smith began his international volunteer work in 1999 when he joined Doctors of the World. He spent time in Mexico and Vietnam before deciding to head to Thailand. Smith maintained a family medical practice in Courtland, Calif., during the 1980s and was chief of the program policy section of the Maternal and Child Health Branch of the California Department of Health Services from 1994 to 2001. He is also a part-time physician at the Davis Community Clinic during his return trips to California.


Jon Andrus

Jon AndrusJon Kim Andrus, a public health expert with 25 years of experience in the field of vaccines, immunization and primary care in developing countries, has been named deputy director of the Pan American Health Organization, Regional Office for the Americas, of the World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO). Andrus has been serving as lead senior technical advisor for PAHO's immunization program, where he has been a forceful advocate for the benefits of vaccination. He also is the director of the George Washington University's Global Health M.P.H. Program and holds adjunct faculty appointments at the UC San Francisco School of Medicine and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. As PAHO deputy director, Andrus oversees planning and resource coordination, external relations and partnerships, knowledge management and communication, and emergency preparedness and disaster relief. He also oversees PAHO's Governing Bodies, Ethics and Ombudsman's offices.


Kay Walker

Kay WalkerI did make it to the Solomon Islands in November, and I recommend it for anyone who feels capable of providing much-appreciated medical care to a delightful people without the convenience of electricity or running water. Kay WalkerIt was a challenging experience, but one I will never regret. The group is returning in June if anyone would like more information. Now I'm back in the snow enjoying my practice, which survived just fine while I was gone. For more information, contact the alumni office at



Bryna Kane

Bryna KaneMy husband, Jerry Kaufman, and I are about to become grandparents for the first time. We are fortunate to have a wonderful family with three children and a thriving practice: Laser Skin Care Center Dermatology Associates, in Long Beach, Calif. I also founded "Erase the Past," a free gang tattoo removal clinic that has given 4,000 former gang members and at-risk youth a second chance. These tattoos prevent young people from turning their lives around by leaving the gangs behind, since they can't gain employment with their mistakes seared across their faces, hands and arms. My family's experience as Holocaust survivors inspired me to found the program. I am glad that I have been able to turn those painful memories into a positive program that has helped thousands improve their lives.


Timothy R. Hamill

Timothy R. HamillI'm still living in Walnut Creek, and I am still the director of clinical laboratories at UC San Francisco. I am the chair of the Laboratory Technical Advisory Committee for the state of California, and a member of the board of directors for the California Society of Pathologists. Most recently I became vice chair of the Point of Care Testing Committee for the College of American Pathologists. Life is good but busy. I recently gave a lecture to a convention of Chinese laboratorians in Jinan City, Shandong province, China. It was a great trip, and I had the opportunity to visit many places in China with my wife, Sue. Our daughter, Natalie, is a junior at CSU Fresno, majoring in biology and hoping to become a clinical lab scientist like her mom.


David T. Roberts

I am enjoying my neurology and pain practice. I also have begun a group of family and urgent-care clinics in Utah. So far, we have three clinics. We hope to especially serve the working poor – those who can't afford health insurance, and yet don't qualify for Medicaid. We hope to push costs to much lower levels through several novel strategies. We'll see how it goes.



Douglas S. Gross

Douglas S. GrossI have been promoted to clinical professor of pediatrics at UC Davis. I am a member of the California Disaster Medical Assistance Team of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – to be deployed under orders of the president when he declares a national disaster. Last year the UC Davis Associated Students presented me with the ASUCD Excellence in Education Award. I co-led (along with Dr. Neil Flynn) the UC Davis School of Medicine MEDICOS team, providing medical care to AIDS widows and orphans in Kenya.


Saman Arbabi

It has been more than two years since Dr. Felix D. Battistella's early death from cancer. He was the chief resident during my third-year surgical clerkship, and he had a profound and lasting impression on me and other students. My decision to enter a surgical residency, complete surgical critical-care fellowship, and remain in academic surgery was in part shaped by how greatly his service impressed me when I was a young student. Thank you Felix; you will be remembered.


Ming-Yan Chin (or Yan Chin)

I'm doing great and having a great time doing house calls in my private practice (pediatrics) in San Francisco. My wife and I have a 4-year-old son and a daughter due in about 2 weeks. Yikes, better paint the bedroom.



Corey J. Wallach

I have been named medical director of the INOVA Spine Center here in Alexandria, Va., while still serving in the same capacity for my group at the Anderson Clinic Spine Center ( Translates as getting busy but enjoying myself. Stacey, Zoe, Cole, Drew and I are getting more and more settled with the East Coast, but would love to see any of you if you are in the D.C. area. Send some warm California weather and hope all is well.

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