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Meet Health Informatics student Eric Wang

Health Informatics student Eric WangWhat is your background and education?

I graduated from Stanford in 1995, then from NYU medical school in 1999. I completed my internal-medicine residency at UC Davis from 1999 to 2002, and then joined Kaiser in Sacramento. I started getting more involved with information technology work at Kaiser around 2004.

Why did you choose to pursue health informatics?

As I became more involved with IT work at Kaiser, I felt that my technical background was lacking in certain areas, and that I would need some extra education in health informatics if I wanted to become more involved. The UC Davis Health Informatics program fits that need perfectly – I first became aware of it during my residency at UC Davis – and the classes allow me to continue working while getting my degree, which is a big plus. Information technology is vitally important for the future of health care. It's a cliché, but it's true!

What in your opinion is the best thing about health informatics at UC Davis?

The medical center and the faculty have strong backgrounds in IT, but my favorite thing has to be the students. The students come from such a wide range of backgrounds, and they are all such fun people to be around. It makes all the classes that I've attended so far really enjoyable – something I look forward to every week.

How will you use health informatics to further your career goals?

Well, my hope is to become more involved with health IT at Kaiser – and in doing so, to continue the tradition of IT innovation that Kaiser has had. I certainly hope to apply my knowledge locally, meaning Sacramento and Roseville, but with this degree, I am optimistic that I will have future opportunities to be involved with projects that involve all of Northern California Kaiser.

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Spring / Summer 2010

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UC Davis Health System is proud to be home to medical, nursing, family nurse practitioner / physician assistant, public health and health informatics students and to also be the internship site for pharmacy, nutrition and other programs. Improving the health of our communities requires that we bring together these perspectives, and UC Davis is well positioned to do so.

Meet Health Informatics student Eric Wang