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UC Davis Health


UC Davis Health Credits

UC Davis Health
Publication Team

Bonnie Hyatt
Assistant Director, Public Affairs and Marketing

UC Davis Health Editor:
Martha Alcott

Medical Alumni News Editor:
Elizabeth Abad

Nursing News Editor:
Jenny Carrick

Contributing Writers:
Martha Alcott, Amber Beck, Phyllis Brown, Jenny Carrick, Charles Casey, Ana Cotham, Karen Finney, Carole Gan, Timothy Kern, Jeff March, Pamela Martineau, Nora Steiner Mealy, David Ong, Camille Rey, Greg Robertson, Kristy Bird Trouchon

Design: Page Design Group

Photography Editor:
Jodi Adkins

Feature Photography:
Gerry McIntyre

Distribution Coordinator:
Doreen Purvis

Public Affairs Web Communications
Cake Farm Web Design

UC Davis Health Systems
Public Affairs
4900 Broadway, Suite #1200
Sacramento, CA 95820

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UC Davis Health
UC Davis Health