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New education director named

Kathryn Radke, associate professor of animal science, is the new director of education for UC Davis Cancer Center. In her new role, she will promote cancer education throughout the university at the undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels.

Radke’s research interests focus on retroviral gene expression and pathogenesis, cancer-causing retroviruses of domestic animals, and primate immunodeficiency viruses. Since 1985, she has taught a graduate course in the development of cancer at the molecular level.

As director of education, Radke will further the cancer center’s goal of making oncology an integral part of all areas of education within the university. She assumes the new job, a 25-percent position, in addition to her responsibilities in the Department of Animal Science.

“We could not think of a better person to do this job.” says Ralph deVere White, director of the cancer center. “Education is a major focus of both the cancer center and the university, and we are delighted Dr. Radke is in this new role.”


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Kathryn Radke brings a long-standing interest in cancer education to her new job as education director.