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NCI Cancer Information Service office opens

The National Cancer Institute has established a Cancer Information Service office in Sacramento, based at UC Davis Cancer Center. The office serves as a regional resource for groups interested in cancer education, prevention and early detection.

The Cancer Information Service provides the latest and most accurate cancer information to patients and their families, the public and health professionals. Through its 14 regional offices nationwide, the Cancer Information Service also pools resources with state and regional organizations to achieve common goals.

The NCI operates only three offices in California; the other two are at UC San Francisco Cancer Center and the University of Southern California/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center in Los Angeles.

“Reaching the public with information about cancer in ways that are most likely to help people take action is a monumental task — one that no single organization can accomplish on its own,” says Dawn Nozicka, CIS Partnership Program Coordinator at UC Davis Cancer Center. “UC Davis Cancer Center’s established presence in the region and trust within the community makes it a great partner for the Cancer Information Service. Through the partnership, both organizations expand their reach and achieve greater impact.”

Services available through the Cancer Information Service office include access to NCI educational resources, help tailoring resources to special populations, assistance with cancer education program development, educator training, and advice about strategies to reach underserved populations. The Cancer Information Service is also interested in opportunities to test new communications approaches and technologies, and to apply behavioral science strategies to specific cancer topics.

To contact the Cancer Information Service, call (800) 4 CANCER.


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