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Building on basics

Teaming up to fight cancer

In the first round of appointments, Dennis Matthews, a physicist and leader of the Medical Technology Program at Lawrence Livermore, was appointed associate director of biomedical technology for the UC Davis Cancer Center. Jim Felton, a Livermore specialist in cancer causation and prevention, was tagged to be associate director of cancer control. Ken Turteltaub, leader of the lab's molecular toxicology team, was named co-leader of the UC Davis Cancer Center program in molecular oncology.

The wide ranging, open-ended partnership "brings together researchers from two entirely different cultures: the scientists of Lawrence Livermore with the patient-centered clinical researchers of the cancer center," said deVere White.

"There are basic scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory who have all the tools but who don't know what the medical problems are," added John Boone, a UC Davis professor of radiology and co-leader of the cancer center's biomedical technology program. "Our physicians know the problems but don't know what technological solutions are available to them."

It's the ultimate research potluck. UC Davis researchers bring expertise in molecular pharmacology, animal biology, biochemistry, DNA repair and clinical cancer research. Lawrence Livermore scientists have strengths in biotechnology, physics, and carcinogenesis.


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From left, Lawrence Livermore's Jim Felton, Ken Turteltaub and Dennis Matthews inside the Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry.