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Symposiums bring together scientists from Lawrence Livermore, UC Davis

Researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and UC Davis met at the cancer center in February to discuss a wide range of projects and possible collaborations.

On Feb. 3, the UC Davis Cancer Center hosted a conference on genomics and cancer, focusing on how cancer researchers at UC Davis might work alongside Lawrence Livermore in the development of high-tech biomedical devices.

Areas of possible collaboration include new devices for diagnostic imaging, minimally invasive treatments for cancer, genomics and cancer, environmental toxicology and pharmacokinetics.

The next day, the Center for Laser Applications in Medicine, an affiliation between the UC Davis Health System and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, held its first annual symposium to outline new developments in optical technology for biomedical research and medical practice.

The two-year-old program is one of only five centers of excellence in the nation funded by the Department of Energy to encourage the development of lasers to address medical problems. Besides cancer, researchers affiliated with the Center for Laser Applications in Medicine are looking at photodynamic therapy in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis; new catheters for treating stroke and heart disease; and using optical coherence tomography to detect dental carries without radiation.

Dr. Mark Zern, director of transplant research at UC Davis

The cancer center's
Hsing-Jien Kung
and Matthews


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Dennis Matthews, program leader for the medical technology program at Lawrence Livermore