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Printer and Copier Paper

Awhile back I told you how you can set up your computer to print documents double-sided.  Now let’s talk about paper.  What kind of paper do you use?  Not that foo-foo glossy stuff, I hope.

Most of the paper used here has some post-consumer content.  That means that the paper that you recycle has found a home in the paper that you are using for your next print job.  Pretty cool, eh?  Many locations are using the Boise-Cascade paper in the blue/green wrapper, which has 30 percent post-consumer content.  According to Carla Kobza, who runs the program that supplies the big combo printer/copier/scanner/faxers, all of these machines can use paper that’s 100 percent post-consumer content, which has the brown wrapper.  It’s only a few cents more a ream, works just fine (our office uses it virtually exclusively), and it promotes recycling by creating a market for recycled paper.

Next time you need a case of printer/copy printer, fire up the Office Max site, and enter P1054922-CTN for Boise Aspen 100 Multi-use paper.

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