The Sustainability Committee is responsible for reviewing programs and practices associated with the health system's compliance with the UC Sustainable Practices Policy. The Committee will be responsible for the development of policies and procedures addressing compliance with the aforementioned requirements. The Committee will establish work groups for the investigation of specific subject matter issues, and will oversee the activities of said work groups. The subcommittee will meet six times a year, and will provide reports to the CEO.

Meeting minutes can be requested from


The Committee meets on the third Tuesday of odd months at 3 PM in FSSB 2020.

Sustainability Committee Membership

Committee Chair
Joel Swift - Director, Facilities Planning and Development Division

Staff to Committee
John Danby — Sustainability Administrator

Policy Element and Representative

Green Building Design
Tom Emme — Manager, Facilities Design and Construction

Clean Energy Standard
Charles Witcher — Manager, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Pending - PO&M Energy Manager

Climate Protection Practices
Camille Kirk (UC Davis) — Director of Sustainability

Sustainable Operations
Charles Witcher — Manager, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Amy Panoushek - Assistant Manager, Plant Operations and Maintenance

Sustainable Transportation Practices
Sarah Janus - TDM and Alternative Transportation Coordinator

Recycling and Waste Management
Gina Harwood - Assistant Manager, Environmental Services

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Practices
Jita Buno - Director, Supply Chain Management

Sustainable Foodservices Practices
Wendi Vela — Manager, Food and Nutrition Services

Water Conservation Practices
Pending - PO&M Principal Engineer

Organizational Representatives

School of Medicine
David Wisner, M.D.
Megan Rott — Analyst, Dean's Office

Patient Care Services
Joleen Lonigan - Interim Director

Laboratories — School of Medicine
Mark Romney — Analyst, Facilities Planning

Information Technology
Matt Aguilar — Manager, Information Technology

Clinical Operations
Megan Lunsford, Asst Director, Hospital Based Clinics

Public Affairs
Kimberly Lane - Director, Media Relations and Communications

Government & Community Relations
Carolyn Ramirez - Representative

Hospital Operations
Leandra Neal - Analyst

Perioperative Services
Terry Speer, Business Manager