Photo of cardboard bales
Cardboard bales

Our successful cardboard recycling program puts a big dent in the amount of material that we send to the landfill. For FY 2014-15, 207 tons of cardboard were recycled, yielding about $12,000 in rebates. Environmental Services custodians pick up cardboard at several locations at UC Davis Medical Center; the cardboard is collected and hauled to the Back Dock where it is compacted, baled and prepared for pickup by our waste diversion vendor.  Cardboard can also go in the mixed recycling (green) dumpsters.

You can assist with this process by breaking down the box to make it easier to collect. If you don’t break down your box, you can still help by not leaving trash or other debris in it for the custodian to deal with. Waste diversion works best when we all pitch in to help!