Photo of Long Range Development Plan cover

The 2010 Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) for the UC Davis Sacramento campus, which provides the primary setting for UC Davis Health System, builds upon the plans and strategies embodied in the 1989 LRDP and other, subsequent planning. Importantly, it shares the basic goals of that previous LRDP:  to provide a flexible, attractive campus environment capable of accommodating current and future operations and facilities associated with this world-class medical institution. The 2010 LRDP will provide a general land use plan that will allow UC Davis Health System to achieve its education, clinical, research and engagement goals. It is also intended to help direct the ongoing creation of an attractive campus environment which is mindful of local and global issues including sustainability.

It is exciting to see how many components of the LRDP embrace sustainability, be they in transportation, utilities and infrastructure, or general planning principles. View excerpts (PDF) from the 2010 Long Range Development Plan, including highlighted areas indicating specific sustainability-related components.