David Dawson, M.D.Thank you for your interest in the vascular surgery fellowship at the University of California, Davis.

We offer broad-based and comprehensive training in the care of the patient with vascular disease, including diagnosis, medical management, surgical care and use of endovascular procedure. You will learn a wide range of techniques — traditional open, non-invasive, and hybrid.

Our core faculty consists of board certified vascular surgeons dedicated to providing you with superior training. In addition, you will work with other physician specialists, nurses, and vascular technologists. Through our partnerships with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the David Grant USAF Medical Center, you will learn from others who will contribute to your postgraduate education.

UC Davis has excellent support for residents’ research efforts.You will have the opportunity to participate in scholarly activities, including clinical research, during your fellowship. 

Northern California has many advantages to those to come here to live and to learn. Your fellowship at the University of California, Davis will provide an educational experience second to none. Living in the Sacramento area offers opportunities to enjoy the climate, outdoor activities, wine country, and many cultural offerings.

We are proud to be a part of a top flight program, with engaged and talented students, residents, and fellows. Contact me, please, if you would like to learn more about UC Davis.

David L. Dawson, M.D.
Program Director, Vascular Surgery