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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Stores & Transportation

Welcome to the UC Davis Health System stores and transportation page.  The purpose of this Web page is to briefly familiarize material management customers with the functions performed by this service area.

Table of contents


The following information is provided to acquaint health system staff members with the functions and services performed by these two distinctive, yet interactive, functional entities of stores and transportation.

General Information

Stores provides central receiving, warehousing and record archiving services for the health system.  Transportation, conversely, operates a fleet of large trucks, vans and sedans needed to accomplish the movement of materiel throughout the health system.  Both functions are housed within the 14th Avenue warehouse located at 7301 14th Avenue, Sacramento, California.


Stores provides the central receiving function for all shipments directed to the UC Davis Medical Center and for Medline shipments to be delivered to UC Davis Medical Group clinic locations.  Stores is also responsible for the collection and final disposition of goods to be returned to vendors.  Its warehousing functions include the acquisition, storage, inventory control and sale of select items, including business forms, used throughout the health system.  Finally, stores is responsible for the warehousing and management of miscellaneous archive files and records.


Transportation serves the immediate surroundings of the UC Davis Medical Center as well as UC Davis Medical Group clinic locations.  Daily transportation operations begin at 5 a.m. with the preparation for delivery of radiology and medical records files to the hospital-based clinics. It ends at 8:30 p.m. with the return of the same files to their sources. Throughout the day, truck transport and hourly courier services are provided within and between the medical center and medical group locations.  Additional services provided include the management of medical center loading docks and the delivery of bottled gases to designated manifold and remote storage locations throughout the medical center grounds.

How You Can Help Us Do a Better Job

Please keep your name, telephone number and work location current in Lotus Notes.  This is our primary tool in finding staff members when we encounter problems with orders or received goods and need to contact you. 

Feel free to check or directly with your delivery inquiries.

When inquiring about a package or shipment, please have its tracking number available.  This is essential in locating packages promptly.

If you are expecting an emergency delivery, please alert receiving before hand.   Provide the carrier name, tracking number and estimated time of arrival.  We will post the information on our “hot board” for expediting its delivery upon its arrival.

Please do not have personal items sent to the university.  It is against university policy and we do not have the resources to process personal shipments.

If you order refrigerated or frozen items, please have them shipped priority overnight to ensure prompt delivery.

When ordering stores items via Eclipsys, retain the inventory order number.  It is essential in checking order status.

Please remember to order stores inventory items before you run out of them.

When ordering stores inventory items via Eclipsys, remember to include your name and phone extension in the “notes” field.  If your order cannot be filled or there is any problem, we may not be able to notify you without this vital information.

Hours of Operation - Receiving/Stores/Archives

  Staff Available 5 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  Customer Hours 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Telephone Numbers

General Contact Numbers:

  Central Receiving (916) 734-2955
  Stores (916) 734-2955
  Archive Records (916) 734-3401
  Transportation (916) 734-3687

Primary Points-of-Contact:

  Donald Garner - Stores (916) 734-3687