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2011-2016 Strategic Plan

2011-2016 Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Process

Phase II-III

Phase II, which began in May 2010, involved planning and research, defining our global and strategic direction, and ended with a final product — the strategic plan. Phase II was finalized in May 2011.

Phase III is the implementation of the five-year plan, with annual progress reviews.

In response to Phase-I research compiled during summer 2010, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee proposed updates to UC Davis Health System’s mission, vision and values.

In addition, the committee identified planning goals and created four Strategy Design Teams to define strategies and tactics to address the goals. Design team members are cross-representative of the health system and its four mission areas of research, education, patient care and community engagement. Executive leaders, the steering committee and design team members worked collaboratively to develop the draft strategies.

Strategic Planing Process Chart