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2011-2016 Strategic Plan

2011-2016 Strategic Plan

Phase III: Implementation

Implementation planning is an ongoing, continuous process that involves faculty and staff at all levels of the health system.  The goals and strategies will be periodically assessed and adjusted to meet the changing conditions--to make the plan a truly "living document."

The Process

Embedded in each of the plan's eight goals are strategies that are the stepping stones to success to achieve the overarching goal.   Each strategy has strategy champions responsible for leading the implementation effort as well as an implementation team of employees across the health system and Davis campus.  Each team is responsible for outlining the rationale behind the strategy, the current situation, metrics/indicators of achievement, defining and prioritizing the tactics, and developing smaller tasks. 

Strategy Roll Out

The current focus of the strategy roll out is indicated below.  The first strategies implemented are known as phase I and teams began working together in November 2011.  The second wave of strategies, phase II, kicked off in November 2012.  Subsequent roll out of phase III strategies is noted below. current focus of strategies