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2011-2016 Strategic Plan

2011-2016 Strategic Plan

Goal 6: Collaborative Organizational Culture

Strategy 6.1: Organizational Communication:
Strengthen communication throughout the organization to develop a culture that encourages innovation, collaboration, and the free exchange of ideas.


  1. Develop a communication and implementation plan for the Principles of Transparent, Strategic Decision-Making; Transparent Strategic Decision-Making Checklist; and Principles of Meeting Effectiveness documents (products of Strategy 6.3).
  2. Continue efforts to strengthen the brand identity of UC Davis Health System in all mission areas.
  3. In collaboration with Public Affairs, increase awareness of our innovative communication approaches for our internal and external audience.

Reducing LGBT health disparities

Strategy 6.2: Value Diversity: Create an environment where all people feel included, valued, celebrated, and respected.


  1. Recognize and celebrate successful diversity activities and initiatives.
  2. Identify and reduce health care disparities and fully implement culturally and linguistically appropriate services and training within the health system.
  3. Implement appropriate and sensitive services for LGBTI populations.

Strategy 6.3: Transparent, Strategic Decision-Making:
Establish and implement a transparent process through which strategic decisions will be made.


  1. Conduct an assessment of organizational structure, roles and responsibilities to improve transparent, strategic decision-making. COMPLETE
  2. Create UC Davis Health System "Principles of Transparent, Strategic Decision-Making" document. COMPLETE
  3. Create UC Davis Health System "Transparent, Strategic Decision-Making Checklist" document. COMPLETE
  4. Create UC Davis Health System "Principles of Meeting Effectiveness" document. COMPLETE

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